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ICYMI: Uberflip’s 2022.1 product launch event recap

Check out the event recap from our 2022.1 product launch event! 

This week, we launched new features at Uberflip designed to improve the user experience, and to help make managing content in your Uberflip Hub a snap. This release focuses on improvements to core features like Sales Assist, and improving productivity within the platform.

Bulk Task Smasher

The newest addition to the Uberflip Marketplace, our Bulk Task Smasher app helps content marketing managers efficiently complete repetitive actions across multiple items, streams and user profiles all at once (or, as the name indicates, in bulk).Say goodbye to individually tagging thousands of pieces of content, or deleting single assets at a time! 

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Easily update your content in bulk. 
    • With one spreadsheet you can quickly edit multiple fields on existing content, such as titles, descriptions and thumbnail URLs.
  • Automate manual, repetitive tasks 
    • Save yourself time and effort editing, creating, or deleting individual content items by hand. 
  • Make your high-impact content more discoverable 
    • Reduce clutter and increase visibility of your high-value content by updating tags or deleting outdated items and streams in one bulk action. 

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Other exciting new capabilities being released include: 

Sales Assist app updates:

  • Further increase prospect engagement with custom video introductions and native calendar booking with Welcome video, calendar integration and favorite items
  • Share best practices or collaborate on team selling opportunities with Stream transferring for collaboration
  • Uncover vital insights into what content is working for you and your team with At a glance performance metrics

Improved navigation 

  • Search queries, filters and other settings are now saved when you navigate between pages (this is just the beginning!)

Uberflip Innovation Labs:

  • Host your virtual events on an Uberflip stream
  • Keep your target audience on your website 
  • Own your live event experiences by serving relevant content before and after events, all within a contained stream

YouTube live streaming integration:

  • The inaugural offering of Uberflip Innovation Labs!
  • Add YouTube livestream and chat to your Uberflip Hub to engage with your LIVE audience
  • Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information on how to set up this Hub Hack!

Want to see the full session? Check out the recording