Why "SMarketing" Matters

July 22, 2015 Braveen Kumar
The relationship between Sales and Marketing teams can be like oil and water—antagonistic and unlikely to mix. But for many successful organizations, Sales and Marketing teams work together in tandem—in a symbiotic relationship where the members of each team are helping the other succeed. This creates a cycle of success: - Content performs better when buyer personas are grounded in actual buyers - Marketing passes on more qualified leads to Sales - Sales gets content that they can actually use to handle objections and close deals When it works, we call it "SMarketing" and it ensures that the entire organization is aligned with their actual buyers and the marketing engine is actually creating the right content and campaigns. "Up and to the right" is the slogan of SMarketing as you can see in this infographic.

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Braveen Kumar

Braveen is a Content Marketer at Shopify.

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