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How Trimble's global marketing strategy has doubled sessions year over year

"Uberflip makes it easy to package engaging content for campaigns in minutes so we don't miss deadlines. Our content investment is justified as each piece is used more and the relevance converts to higher engagement."

Tricia Saunders headshot Tricia Saunders Associate VP, Marketing Operations & Technology

Meet Trimble

Trimble is a leading technology company that designs and develops innovative solutions for construction, agriculture, and geospatial industries. With their cutting-edge technology and expertise, Trimble helps customers optimize their workflows and improve productivity. So, whether you're building skyscrapers or farming fields, Trimble has got you covered.

Their Results with Uberflip


number of sessions YoY


organic traffic sessions


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Before Uberflip, the Tekla division of Trimble was frustrated by the amount of time it took to develop and activate content and needed a way to add dynamic content to their website at scale. 

With over 40 content editors around the world, they also  struggled with collaboration, localization, and analytics so they needed a solution that would allow them to get the best ROI out of each piece of content they publish. 

They would quickly decide that Uberflip should power all their global marketing channels and be the home for all global content like webinars, ebooks, and reference cases.


Standardizing their tagging structure & strategy

Trimble began by partnering with the Uberflip team to perform a content audit. Together we redefined their tagging structure and strategy - a vital process for any marketing team looking to improve their content activation and consumption. 

However, 400+ streams are a lot to update manually so Trimble used Uberflip's Bulk Task Smasher to not only update their library of streams but also add tags to thousands of items in their hub with the click of a button. 

Trimble has also sped up their content activation by replacing spreadsheets with Uberflip's Enhanced Tag Manager. This allows them to not only implement a standard tag and tag group strategy, but tag items quickly. 

Trimble's tagging pro tip! Reduce the number of tag groups and consider language barriers when tagging content that will be used across different markets. 

Shifting scopes and process improvements

Starting in January, 2021, Trimble shifted their content to Uberflip and made sweeping improvements to global processes. 

They first decided to go all-in with Uberflip, rather than just using it for a few markets or strategies. By doing so, they have been able to maintain stronger alignment and continuously improve processes. 

The impact this has had on their marketing KPIs are obvious - they are attracting larger target groups to their Hubs as well as seeing an increased number of sessions once people hit their pages.  

Driving organic search traffic with streams

By making big scale decisions on how to handle stream-level settings, Trimble steered more traffic in the right direction and overall increased their organic search traffic from 2,900 sessions in 2021 to 9,238 sessions in 2022. 

Integrating with Marketo to drive lead generation

Instead of using Marketo CTAs, Trimble opted to use Uberflip CTAs within streams because they are specifically designed to provide a seamless user experience for their readers. By integrating Uberflip with Marketo, they are able to capture lead data from readers who engage with your content and use this information to fuel your marketing campaigns.


Use Uberflip for event follow-up like webinars. Even if the content that brings them to your page isn't interesting enough for them to stay, they are presented with additional content they can browse resulting in longer session times and pages viewed.