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Driving Demand: Impartner’s Journey to Market Leadership Online

"Uberflip helped us rapidly grow traffic, credibility, and authority online. Our web traffic skyrocketed by over 300% compared to the previous year, and we were able to outperform our direct competitors on key web metrics."

Dave R Taylor headshot Dave R Taylor Chief Marketing Officer

Impartner, the ultimate partner relationship management platform, is the most comprehensive software solution for companies to manage their partner networks efficiently. With extensive analytics and the ability to manage all types of partners in one place, Impartner helps businesses gain a bird's eye view of their partner ecosystem to drive growth in their indirect channels.


Relevancy, Awareness, & Traffic

By 2022, Impartner had emerged as the largest and most award-winning partner management software, with strong recognition within their industry. However, their marketing team knew they could drive even more brand awareness to a broader audience with the right toolset to grow their organic website traffic.

“We realized many in our target audience likely didn’t even know that we had a dedicated solution for them,” said Dave R Taylor, Impartner’s CMO. “We recognized that we needed to combat this lack of awareness by creating educational content online, so people could dive into different areas based on their interests, and as a result, learn about the power of our software solutions.”

Impartner’s initial goal was to open up an educational space where users could easily browse relevant content across all mediums. By scaling their content marketing efforts, the team hoped to drive visibility and exceed competitors’ web performance. However, the bulk of Impartner’s content lived on WordPress, making it complicated to repurpose and restructure in an efficient way, especially as adding new content to the site required external web development resources.

This is where Uberflip came in to drive more effective personalized experiences and scalable content strategies.


How Uberflip Helped Impartner Transform into an Industry Leader

“Uberflip had an immediate and significant impact on our content marketing efforts. We were able to see results so quickly because of a seamless onboarding experience, driven by a dedicated and helpful support team, where no query went unanswered for more than 20 minutes.” - Dave Taylor, CMO.

Following a successful onboarding, Uberflip enabled Impartner to create compelling campaign hubs and drive personalized engagement throughout the customer lifecycle, no matter the industry. With Uberflip, Impartner expanded their content strategy, generating an impressive 200+ pieces of unique content during the first year alone. They were also able to rank for hundreds of keywords in positions #1-3 on Google, outperforming industry competitors and often earning coveted featured snippets spots.

“We didn’t need to use a web developer or IT to get website content up on a regular basis. Many members on our team could do it themselves, which increased our efficiency by 25% and saved us dozens of hours per month,” said Taylor. “We could keep our team resources lean, and do it all in-house, which also helped drive cost savings.”

With Uberflip, Impartner’s content helped guide their target audiences down the funnel in a way that met buyers and customers right where they were in their journey, whether that was initial explorations into partnering or in-depth guides on how to find the right tech for their growing ecosystem. As a result, Impartner saw a remarkable shift in awareness and inbound demand within the first year.

Key Growth Metrics


increase in organic monthly users


increase in organic keywords


increase in organic conversions


What’s Next for Impartner + Uberflip

Moving forward, Impartner is starting to leverage Uberflip to support demand generation, specifically account based marketing (ABM) strategies.

The company is prioritizing creating personalized campaign destinations for potential customers. As they continue on this path toward ABM, the team is leveraging platforms like Marketo, which integrates with Uberflip to attribute engagement to specific contacts and accounts, enhancing personalization and measuring marketing ROI.

Companies like Impartner use these account-specific data points to inform funnel stage analysis, set campaign strategy, and curate content and destinations towards target accounts and individuals.

Uberflip then allows B2B businesses to measure account intent, and plot how target accounts are moving towards a purchasing decision. With the ability to customize content at scale, every account can receive a unique, tailored experience that speaks directly to their needs and challenges.

A Lasting Impact

“Impartner is the largest partner management platform on the market, but we knew there were untapped opportunities to reach our audience online. To get there, we needed to offer educational, value-add resources that empowered potential buyers in our space to self-educate,” said Taylor.

“Uberflip enabled us to reach our brand awareness goals, fast. We look forward to seeing the impact we can make this year by leveraging the expanded platform to support demand generation.”