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Save Time and Sell More With the Uberflip Email Extension [Sales]

Content is a key player in the way you engage with your prospects throughout the sales cycle. Your buyers are digital first, meaning you have a short sliver of time to actually speak with them one-on-one. The result is that content becomes the main way you shape and influence that buying decision. 

But so much of your time is wasted on finding (or worse yet, creating) relevant content to share with your prospects. Did you know, the average sales rep only spends 30 hours each month searching for and creating their own selling materials? 

That’s why we created the Uberflip Email Extension, a powerful extension that makes it easy for sales reps to discover relevant content, create and package personalized collections for prospects, and share it in a beautiful email experience. 

Don’t have the Uberflip Extension yet? Download it here!

In this post, we’ll cover the three ways you can leverage the Uberflip Extension to find and share the most relevant content with your prospects so you can spend less time sourcing content and more time closing deals. 

Easily Find the Perfect Content Asset 

The Uberflip Extension makes easy work of finding the perfect content asset or existing stream of content to share with a prospect.

Beginning with the very top of your extension, you can quickly filter by: 

Recent - content that you’ve recently shared through the extension
Sales Streams - existing Sales Streams that you’ve already created
Pinned Streams - hand-picked streams of content that your marketing team has highlighted. These could be things like Customer Story Streams, popular topics, etc. 

Under All Content, you have the ability to view your content library by Streams, Items, or Hubs. You can also filter your content by type and sort it by title, created date, or modified date.

When viewing by Streams and Hubs, you can click on each tile to view the Items within a Stream or the Streams within a specific Hub.  

Lastly, you can use the search box to quickly search for content Items and Streams. From the Stream view, you can search by keywords in the title or description of the Streams. From the Item view, you can search by keywords or tags that have been applied to your content. 

Tip: Encourage your marketing team to apply tags to their content that can help you easily find what you need for different sales scenarios. For example, tagging content by funnel stage, persona, industry, or even common objections you may get throughout the sales cycle. 

Create Your Own Content Experiences 

Uberflip also lets you package and share multiple content items with prospects or accounts in minutes, using Sales Streams. These content streams are specifically meant for sales reps, allowing you to pull together relevant content and share it in a personalized experience, all from your email inbox. 

As we showed previously, you can easily access existing Sales Streams you’ve created by clicking “Sales Streams” in the top menu. But you can also create brand new Sales Streams by clicking the pink button labeled “+ Sales Stream” in the top right corner of the extension. 

Tip: If you don’t see this button in your extension, it’s because you currently don’t have the Uberflip sales license applied to your account. To access this feature, talk to your marketing team and tell them you need it, or contact our customer success team at

Once you click the “+ Sales Stream” button, you’ll be asked to choose what Hub your Sales Stream will live in and give it a title and description. This will be used as the title and opening description of your page, so make it something personalized and directed at the prospect. 

For example:

Title: Resources for Acme Corp

Description: Hi Jim and Sally! Based on our conversations I’ve put together a small collection of content that I think will help answer some of your initial questions and show how Bee2Bee can help your team. Looking forward to working with you!

You’ll notice that you now have an empty Stream that needs some content. To add content to your Stream, click the “Manage Items” button in the bottom right corner. This will bring you to your main content screen where you can start searching for content. 

From here, you can search for items in the many ways we showed above. When you find an Item you want to add to your Sales Stream, hover over it and click the “Add” button. 

Once you’re happy with the items you’ve selected, you click the “Done” button in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Tip: You can also clone an existing Sales Stream in seconds by hovering over a Stream in the extension and clicking the “Copy to Sales Stream” button. This will copy all of the items from that existing Stream, while still allowing you to customize the title and description. 

Embed and Share in Email

Once you’ve located the perfect content asset or created your own personalized Sales Stream, the last step is to share it with your prospect. 

When you hover over a Stream or individual asset, click the “Share” button to share it. You then have the option to choose the tile size that will be embedded in your email. 


If you’re a sales rep who is looking to better utilize content in engaging prospects and closing deals, check out the Uberflip Extension. It can help you spend more time selling, but more importantly, engage your buyers with the content they need to self-educate and accelerate through your funnel. 

If you don’t already have the extension, download it today. If you need more detailed instructions on how to use the extension, check out this help article

For any other questions, contact our support team at