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Recording Of Our First Demo Session Together: Uberflip and Mutual Of America

Hi Mutual Of America Team, this is a recording of our first demo conversation and we covered the following agenda.


Flexible Agenda:


What is Uberflip at the highest of levels and how might we help with some of the challenges Mutual of America is moving through? (10mins)


A walk-through of live examples from other Uberflip clients. (15mins)


Logging into Uberflip and showing how it works by managing content, constructing pages, and tracking analytics within a very light proof-of-concept environment built specifically for Mutual of America. (25mins)


Open discussion, feedback, and outlining any potential next steps. (10mins)


Furthermore, throughout our session, we'll hit on how Uberflip complements other platforms Mutual of America utilizes like Optimizely, we'll answer questions about SEO optimization, and show how this might be used to engage both Participant and Plan Sponsor audiences.