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Who Came Out On Top? EXPY Award Winners Revealed!

The first annual Content Experience Explorer Awards (EXPYs) were created to celebrate and recognize excellence among marketers focused on the content experience.

All 36 nominees challenged the status quo by focusing on improving the way we experience content. Instead of scaling up content production, they’ve opted to focus on the experience to help educate, inform, and entertain their audience.

In short, these trailblazers are truly leading change in their organizations, each bringing their own depth of knowledge and skills to the practice of content marketing.

Our judges selected five winners whose organizations delivered a best-in-class content experience using the Uberflip platform. The winners were announced live at The Content Experience August 22-23, 2017 in Toronto.

And the winners are….

Ryan Turner, Marketing Technology Solutions Manager | 3M

Ryan’s tenacity is what makes him a Content Experience Explorer. He democratized content generation and access to the content experience within his organization and put the power back in the hands of marketers in each of his company’s five business groups and 31 divisions. This change allows his organization’s businesses to respond quickly to changes in their market, share and reuse content across all levels of the organization, and engage leaders, marketers, and sales representatives. No small feat!

EXPY Award Winner Ryan Turner's Video 

Matt Davis, Director, Content & Digital Marketing | Allocadia

Matt believes that a marketer’s job doesn’t end when they pass a lead to the sales team. This Content Experience Explorer is forging a new path for marketers, empowering his sales team to create personalized mini-galleries of content, tailored to support any sales conversation they might encounter. He’s a shining example of how marketing can enable sales to close deals!

EXPY Award Winner Matt Davis's Video

Lisa Kenney, Sr. Demand Generation Marketing Manager | Blackbaud

Lisa is a segmentation all-star! Her content strategy goes beyond creating and organizing content based on format or type. By segmenting her content by industry and selectively targeting her market by persona, she can build meaningful relationships with her readers and ensure her content resonates with the right person, at the right organization.

EXPY Award Winner Lisa Kenney's Video

Katrina Munsell, Group Manager, Content Marketing | Microsoft

Katrina blew us away with the Real Stories of Digital Transformation hub, where she uses cutting-edge interactive content and integrated marketing automation to empower people and organizations to embrace innovation. By applying a human-first approach to content creation and using a mix of content formats, readers experience a story in a way that fits their own needs.

EXPY Award Winner Katrina Munsell's Video

Mike Ward, VP Demand Generation | Workfront

Mike puts the content experience first by exploring new frontiers in awareness and branding, lead generation, and account management teams. By leveraging technology, he’s brought order to the sometimes chaotic content creation and deployment process. In the future, Mike has a long list of trends and strategies to explore, including account-based marketing, personalized recommendations, and engagement tracking.

EXPY Award Winner Mike Ward's Video

Congratulations to all of the EXPY winners!

See what else you missed at #CONEX17! Watch the sessions on-demand.