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Uberflip customers achieve success by emphasizing content experience

Company delights and empowers customers, as it leads the industry with tech and growth.

TORONTO (May 18, 2021) - Uberflip, the industry’s first content experience platform (CEP), today applauds the success its customers have accomplished by focusing on content experience as a competitive differentiator. Uberflip works to empower marketers with a platform designed to promote content consumption in order to accelerate buyer journeys, transform customer relationships, and boost results. Continuing momentum as the leader in the CEP category, the company has cornered the market, and its own customers are enjoying the transformative outcomes across their inbound, demand gen, ABM, sales, and customer engagement strategies. 

“The best litmus test for our own achievements is customer growth and satisfaction,” said Yoav Schwartz, Uberflip’s co-founder. “If they’re thriving, then we are too. Our team has worked really hard this past year to expand our offerings so that our customers can take control of their content experience and better engage with their customers. It’s been a powerful year for them, and we’re endlessly proud of their successes.” 

Here’s a look at just a few of the Uberflip customers who have excelled this year: 

  • A malpractice insurance organization saw a 52% customer open rate and a more than 90% retention rate by leveraging Uberflip to provide a one-stop hub for all of its content so policyholders could easily access critical information. 
    Texas Medical Liability Trust
    (TMLT) is a leading provider of liability protection for doctors and had previously struggled with a high cost of acquisition, making retention all the more crucial. 

    “Uberflip helped us package our existing content into an experience that customers wanted to engage with,” said Laura Brockway, TMLT’s vice president of marketing. “We achieved a greater than 90 percent rate on our customer retention campaign and Uberflip played an instrumental role in that result!”
  • An education technology platform generated $3.4 million in pipeline and booked meetings with 1/3 of accounts targeted after implementing an AMB strategy and leveraging the power of Uberflip. 
    Degreed, which connects learning, talent development and internal mobility opportunities in one place, focused their efforts on targeting specific accounts with ads on certain platforms, which ultimately drove those accounts to an Uberflip destination. Once there, prospects could self-select the pain point that resonated best and choose to read more content associated with it.  
  • A predictive analytics and marketing automation software company for the automotive industry saw a 209% YoY increase in content-based form submissions, 185% YoY increase in marketing generated leads and 81% YoY increase in marketing contribution to revenue after using Uberflip. automotiveMastermind revolutionizes the way car dealerships find, engage, and win customers, and the company’s biggest challenge was getting brand awareness and letting dealerships know about their solution. The team took an omnichannel marketing approach, led by Zachary Monroe, director of marketing operations, and chose to use Uberflip to help connect the dots between the content they had and the customers (and prospects) who could benefit from it. Within days, they were able to put the content up and get it into the other key marketing channels.

    “That was a game changer for us,” said Monroe. “Not only does it help our dealerships with acute problems and questions, but the content they need is there even before they think they need it.” 

Product-led growth & industry wins:

As a result of prioritizing product quality and customer success, Uberflip has enjoyed rapid growth as well. Here are a few recent highlights that showcase the company’s dedication to continuous product innovation and extraordinary standing in the industry:

  • Uberflip released Sales Assist, an engagement app that seamlessly integrates into a sales team’s existing email tools, in March of this year. With this solution, sales teams can quickly find sales and marketing content and share it with prospects to create a truly personalized, relevant buyer experience, and get notified of engagement in real time. Marketing teams can also reap the benefits of the tool, using it to create and manage brand-approved templates for sales and boost content discoverability for their counterparts.
  • Uberflip launched two new certifications to help marketers master the acceleration of pipeline and revenue from demand programs. The Content Experience Certification and Platform Strategy Certification are the first of their kind, giving marketers the framework they need to deliver an exceptional experience for B2B buyers.
  • Uberflip earned five top rankings during G2’s Spring 2021 reports, in the Content Experience Platform and Content Creation categories. These wins, detailed below, offer further validation of Uberflip’s position as the leader in CEPs:
    • A leader in G2’s Grid for Content Experience Platforms
    • A leader in the Enterprise Grid for Content Experience Platforms
    • A leader in G2’s Grid for Content Creation 
    • A leader in the Enterprise Grid for Content Creation
    • Highest User Adoption in the Enterprise Implementation Index for Content Creation
  • Uberflip is increasing its number of employees by nearly 60% to keep up with growth and continue delivering great experiences and results to its customers. 

“We have no doubt that our customers will continue to push boundaries and create new, engaging experiences for their audiences this year,” said Schwartz. “They never cease to impress us with how they elevate the buyer journey in innovative ways, and we’ll keep empowering them with rich product developments and industry-leading guidance. We’re honored to play a role in their success, and proud to be paving a legacy of success for ourselves as well.” 

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