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DemandGen and Sigstr Awarded Partners of the Year at the 2019 EXPYs

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Last month, Uberflip hosted Conex: The Content Experience in Toronto. Marketers from digital marketing, demand generation, content marketing, and more gathered in Toronto for tactical workshops and actionable learning and conversation on how they’re creating—and owning—the content experience. 

The Content Experience Awards (EXPY), presented by Uberflip are given to a select group of marketing teams who are taking content experience from beyond a buzzword to proving its impact on growing revenue. Instead of simply scaling up content production efforts, they are focusing on the experience to help educate, entertain, and inform their audience. Uberflip had the pleasure of honouring two partners with the Service and Technology Partner of the Year awards, Sigstr (technology) and DemandGen (service).

Each partner has proven themselves as a leader in content experience, changing the way Uberflip supports marketers to create better content experiences. 

“When you look at what Uberflip has achieved this year, coupled with our ambitions for the next several, our current and future partners are critical to that success,” said Yoav Schwartz, Co-founder and CEO of Uberflip. “In martech, probably more so than any other industry, a partner ecosystem is essential for delivering on the growing needs of our customers. I couldn't be more excited about what the future has in store.”

Service Partner of the Year: DemandGen

The Service Partner of the Year category recognizes Uberflip’s consulting and agency partners who have put forth significant efforts to make B2B marketers successful.

DemandGen has been a valued and truly collaborative partner sharing Uberflip’s vision of content experience and its power in engaging buyers during every step of their journey. They have supported Uberflip customers in bringing this journey to life through a variety of services—strategic consulting, implementation support, and managed services of the Uberflip platform.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Uberflip to help marketers optimize the content experience, delight buyers and drive revenue,” said Anita Covelli, VP of Alliances at DemandGen. “As a full-stack martech agency, DemandGen brings strategic guidance and hands-on expertise to the table to help Uberflip customers achieve quick wins from their investment and bring the ‘art-of-the-possible’ to life.” 

With over ten years of experience, DemandGen has consistently brought strategic value to the table for Uberflip customers while promoting the integration into Uberflip customers’ marketing plans. DemandGen experts have rich experience working with organizations to craft and execute effective digital content strategies. For these reasons, DemandGen has been crowned Service Partner of the Year.

Technology Partner of the Year: Sigstr 

Sigstr was chosen as Technology Partner of the Year for their commitment to helping Uberflip customers merge their top-notch content experiences with enhanced email signature marketing tactics. Uberflip and Sigstr launched their partnership in December 2018 and in the time they’ve been partnering, Sigstr has launched an integration between both platforms, sponsored all 8 of Uberflip’s CONEX Roadshows and participated in both Uberflip field events & co-marketing campaigns; driving phenomenal results for both organizations in the process. 

“I’m thrilled with the integration we built alongside Uberflip. It's a no-brainer to bring your most engaged audience into your content experiences through every email your employees send. Beyond that, though, the friendships that have been developed between our companies are unique and special. We're grateful to the Uberflip team for helping us build something magical and for letting us tag along with them all over North America,” said Justin Keller, VP Marketing, Sigstr. 

With Uberflip and Sigstr, you can dynamically insert targeted campaign banners in the email section of every email your employees send. As a result, each email can include a dynamic banner that sends the recipient to the perfect content experience within Uberflip.

Whether you’re targeting specific accounts, promoting an event, or segmenting campaigns by department, you can personalize any email signature and connect it to a targeted experience that encourages self-nurturing throughout the buyer journey.