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The demand generation campaign that drove marketing sourced signups by 120%

When Trimble launched a new platform as part of their offering, Moira van den Akker, Global Manager, Digital and Demand Generation, needed a campaign to get the word out and generate demand. 

Trimble Community Load Match (CLM) is an industry-first platform that connects trucking companies (carriers) to opportunities for new business and helps them build direct relationships with new shipping customers. Signup is free.  

Initially, Moira took a batch-and-blast approach to cast a wide net and promote the new platform. When the campaign generated softer results than expected, the Trimble team learned that the target audience generally didn’t know enough about the product and the value of signing up. 

“We realized we needed to educate the market on the new concept and developed a multi-touch campaign to explain the benefits and how we solve common pains and challenges to create demand,” she said. 

From batch-and-blast marketing to personalized content experience

Moira pivoted her marketing approach and relaunched a demand generation campaign that focused on creating awareness, building trust and educating the audience on the new platform and its benefits. 

She leveraged Uberflip and Trimble’s marketing stack to identify key customer personas they could zero in on, then created personalized ad messaging that drove to a campaign destination filled with curated content assets to move each persona through an education journey. The viewer was then presented with a CTA that linked out to their offer. 

Here are some of the results of Trimble’s demand gen campaign:

  • A 120% increase quarter over quarter in marketing sourced signups since launching the campaign 
  • A 330% increase in email CTRs from revised campaign approach.
  • It speaks to buyer pains and guides buyers to Trimble’s solution 
  • Its speed and agility allowed Trimble to pivot and deploy a new approach quickly

The future of lead nurture marketing at Trimble 

In upcoming campaigns, Moira will focus on providing rich content that addresses buyer pain points and needs and gently guides buyers to Trimble’s solution through a carefully constructed campaign story.