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10 ways marketers are using digital destinations to drive growth and educate customers during COVID-19

marketers standing in front of an oversized webpage or digital destination

Marketers today have a lot in front of them. Face-to-face events are off the table, their buyers and customers need information, and their pipeline goals are going unmet. In these uncertain times, marketers need to be agile to support evolving buyer, customer and business needs.

Digital has, for most, been a saving grace, allowing marketers to get relevant information out to prospects and customers safely and quickly. At the same time, those who’ve been successful have found opportunities to not only inform and educate their clients but also stay relevant in a time of rapid change. Below are 10 examples of marketing teams that have used digital destinations to support their customers and their bottom line.

1. 3M 

Multinational healthcare manufacturer 3M was forced to react quickly to the recent shift in demand for their products. 3M Canada was able to respond to the trend in consumer behavior quickly by building a digital destination filled with educational content on topics such as pandemic preparedness and how to wear a mask. 

3M's content destination

Jesse Mussio, USA and Canada Web Experience Operations Leader, was able to react 20 to 30 days before any other 3M subsidiary, in large part because of their tech stack, proving that technology can be a key ally in times of uncertainty. 

2. Texas Medical Liability Trust 

Liability insurance provider TMLT is responsible for protecting doctors and informing them about the latest cybersecurity issues. To keep doctors updated, the marketing team at TMLT has created a digital destination with the latest COVID-19 developments. 

Texas Medical Liability Trust digital destination

“We were able to provide doctors with the latest state laws and requirements, some of which were changing daily. This, in turn, allowed them to focus on patient care. Uberflip has allowed us to publish our content 50% faster than with our CMS. No other CMS would have afforded us the flexibility and ease of use that Uberflip has. We are a better company because of Uberflip.” 
Laura Brockway, Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Texas Medical Liability Trust

3. The Enrollment Management Association 

The Enrollment Management Association is a non-profit organization that provides support to enrollment offices and resources to help students meet the admission needs of schools.

When all classes moved to a remote environment, schools were forced to adapt. The Enrollment Management Association was able to be a trusted advisor to schools by quickly and effectively educating teachers on how to build crisis communication plans, move admission testing online, and navigate online learning. By using a digital destination like the one below, they were able to educate and build trust with their members.

The Enrollment Management Association digital destination

4. SAI Global 

SAI Global helps organizations protect their brands by managing risk to improve safety, health, security, and ethics for their consumers. When COVID-19 hit, clients were expecting SAI Global to provide insights and resources for crisis responses during the pandemic to help them work towards resilience. 

Jacqueline Fleming, VP Brand Strategy explains, “We need to be where our customers are, emotionally, while feeding our organization with content across all teams to build the right experience.” And that’s exactly what they did with the following digital destination that highlighted the latest content on the crisis. 

SAI Global digital destination

Beyond that, the team at SAI Global has turned a cancelled industry event into an opportunity. When a major event in their industry was shuttered, the team at SAI Global put together a virtual summit called Resilience 2020: Insights to Help BCM Teams Through the Coronavirus Outbreak. The mantra for this event is “no sales, no promotion, be together.” They believe being there for customers now will help them later, so all the content in the summit has no gates. Learn more about how SAI Global has reacted to COVID-19

SAI global digital event destination

5. Blackbaud

Blackbaud K-12 is a school management software that helps schools connect parents, teachers, and students. Blackbaud aggregated a collection of relative resources to help K-12 schools navigate discussions around distance learning, crisis communications, and fundraising that have arisen due to the new coronavirus.

In this digital experience, they have content related to remote learning, along with links driving to discussion boards for their customers to learn from each other and create a community in a time where people don’t feel personally connected. 

Blackbaud digital destination

6. FairWarning 

FairWarning helps companies manage the full lifecycle of privacy incidents, insider threats, and governance reporting across applications. The team at FairWarning needed to build a collection of content around data privacy to help reduce the prevalence of snooping cases during COVID-19. 

FairWarning digital destination

7. Wiley 

Wiley has been tasked with supporting educators during the rapid shift to online learning, making digital curriculums more of a focus for them than ever before. Wiley’s marketing team has also shifted their focus—from selling to supporting—during the pandemic. More than 20 marketers got together to publish informative new content around managing an online classroom and, in under a week, built a digital learning experience to better support their customers. 

Wiley digital destination

8. Liminal BioScience

Global biotechnology company Liminal BioScience specializes in developing solutions for rare and orphan diseases. To keep visitors educated during COVID-19, they used Uberflip to build digital destinations in both English and French that leveraged content recommendations to keep visitors informed on related topics.  

Liminal BioScience digital destination

9. Workhuman 

Social recognition and performance management platform Workhuman helps organizations motivate and empower their people. To address COVID-19, Workhuman used Uberflip to create a digital content destination that they update daily with helpful resources to educate and inspire their customers. It features videos, blog posts, and pertinent information that will not only educate visitors but also help them build trust during uncertain times.

Workhuman digital destination

10. Providence 

Providence is a healthcare organization committed to making services more convenient, accessible and affordable for everyone. Their marketing team put together a COVID-19 content hub to keep their audience informed during this stressful time. With Uberflip they’ve been able to curate regional content destinations on COVID-19 updates in real-time.

Providence digital destination

Taking back control 

Now, more than ever, it’s important for companies to stay relevant and show support for our buyers and customers—and for society at large. As marketers, we can leverage technology to create engaging digital destinations to inform, support, and alleviate the stress of finding the right information during this unprecedented time. 

We hope you take some inspiration from the examples above. If you’re interested in learning more about how to create content destinations quickly or are interested in becoming a more agile marketing team, we’d be happy to show you how