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How Foundant generated engagement by mapping content to match customer needs

"Uberflip provided the tools to not only create a content strategy but allowed us to scale effectively and efficiently."

Alli Hansen headshot Alli Hansen Content Experience Designer

Foundant Technologies wanted to boost engagement. They used Uberflip to organize their content around buying stages and pain points that matched their customers’ needs.

Meet Foundant

Foundant Technologies, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Bozeman, MT, specializes in innovative technology solutions to enhance and streamline philanthropy. With a dedicated team of over 200 professionals, Foundant develops cloud-based solutions tailored to funders, nonprofits, scholarship providers, and community foundations, allowing these organizations to focus on their core missions. They serve all industries in North America, with few clients in Australia. Foundant's commitment to exceptional client experiences and continual improvement positions them as a trusted partner in empowering change-makers to create a better world.





North America



Understanding what content customers need

Prior to using Uberflip, Foundant struggled to understand what pieces of content were working for them and what pieces were not. They decided to find new ways to create content journeys to match each customer pain point—while optimizing the journey based on specific customer roles. The goal was to fill gaps in the buyer journey and begin to tie content closer to the products they were selling. This was especially helpful for working with partners or external writers because it provided better direction in terms of the kind of content they needed to create.


Building experiences around the buying stage

After implementing Uberflip, Foundant increased their engagement by creating content journeys for each pain point. They were able to integrate Uberflip with other platforms to enhance their overall content experience. Plus, their integration with Marketo gave them the ability to see their contacts within Uberflip Analytics so they could make more directed decisions around future content creation.

Foundant equipped their team with Uberflip's comprehensive reporting tools, enabling them to pinpoint customer personas and identify their pain points through engagement metrics. They analyzed customer interactions with their content, noting frequency and depth of engagement. Following a thorough content audit, they associated each content piece with a buying stage and a specific pain point. This process revealed an uneven content distribution, overemphasizing certain pain points and neglecting others. It also exposed a content gap in the consideration stage despite a surplus at the awareness stage.

Using Uberflip's Enhanced Tag Manager, Foundant established a tagging system for efficient content management and future growth. Custom reports were developed to track content journeys, enabling them to discern high-performing paths and understand their success factors. Best of all, this data-driven approach equipped Foundant with vital insights, guiding them towards more targeted decisions for future content creation.