How to Link to your Flipbooks

April 30, 2013 Michael Keshen

As a Customer Success Specialist, I get many questions from Customers about how to make the most of their Uberflip Accounts. One question that I often get is “what’s the best way to link people to my Flipbook?” Our platform provides you with numerous ways to do so, and the best option is entirely dependant on your specific use case.

We built our platform as a web app, making it extremely easy for readers to access your content. Rather than needing to download a native app, a Flipbook is viewed by entering a URL in the reader’s web browser (though we do have the option of purchasing a Library App for Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play).

Issue Links

Every PDF that you upload to Uberflip becomes an Issue. Each Issue receives its own URL that will always link to that specific Flipbook. So, let’s say you are publishing ABC Magazine, April and May’s Issues will each have different URLs.

Advantage: You are able to point readers to a specific Flipbook and know exactly what they will see.

Disadvantage: Promotional items will need to frequently be changed (especially with a regularly-updated series) for the most recent Issue’s URL.

Folder Links

Every Issue that you publish is located in a Folder. With a Starter Pack, you have one folder for all of your content, while Pro and Enterprise Customers can have unlimited Folders. A Folder is best suited for housing all of the Issues in the same series or category. For instance, you may have all of your whitepapers in one folder and your newsletters in another. Referring to the example from Issue links, the publisher of ABC Magazine would likely house each month’s Issue in the ABC Magazine folder.

Each Folder receives its own unique URL. When entered into an Internet browser, the reader will be directed to the most recently published Issue. This ensures that your readers are always directed to your most recent content, even if clicking on a link from an email that was received 6 months ago. It also makes things much simpler for you, since you will not need to update promotional materials with each new Issue.

Advantage: One URL makes it easier to maintain promotional materials and ensures that readers are viewing your most recent content.

Disadvantage: You might want to link to a specific Issue rather than the most recent one. For instance, the Issues in your Folder are not part of a series.

Page Links

In content marketing, it’s all about getting your readers to view your content as easily and quickly as possible. Every extra step your readers need to take exponentially increases the odds of them losing interest. Say you’ve piqued someone’s curiosity about a piece from your Flipbook about Responsive Design. She’s opened up your Flipbook but is now on page 1 and must find the Responsive Design piece by going through the table of contents or page flipping her way to page 34. These are precious seconds that you can easily shave off by using page links.

To link to a specific page, all you have to do is add /PageNumber to the end of either your Folder or Issue URL. For instance, will open up our newsletter Going Digital on the first page, while will open it up on the sixth page.

Advantage: Direct readers to the exact place in your Flipbook that they are looking for.

Disadvantage: Readers might miss out on great content that came on the pages leading up to the place that they’ve landed on.

Which is right for you?

Since there are so many different use cases of Flipbooks that use our platform, there is no single answer to this question. Consider factors such as what type of documents you have, your promotion strategy, and what you are trying to achieve. If you’re still stuck, you can always reach us at or speak to us directly at 1-888-694-2946. Feel free to let other Customers know what linking methods have worked best for you in the comments below!

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Michael Keshen

Michael is a Content Marketer at Tucows.

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