Content Roundup: Secrets, Lies, and SEO

March 13, 2015 Victoria Hoffman

Content Roundup

SEO is the Bigfoot of digital marketing (well, except that it’s a real thing).

But seriously - there’s so much Internet junk surrounding the topic of SEO, it could be a mythical creature. So-called “SEO experts” are constantly proving and disproving certain practices, trying to figure out SEO like it's an unidentifiable blur on a photograph...  it's to the point where they could have their own Discovery Channel documentary. 

This week’s #ContentRoundup attempts to shed some light on some common SEO misconceptions.

10 SEO Myths That Friggin' Tick Me Off

SEO Myths

SEO is not a scam. You cannot "do SEO once". This excellent article from Moz addresses some of the worst SEO myths out there and sets them straight.

Social Signals & SEO

SEO Social Signals

What's the relationship between search rankings and "social signals"? While social media is currently not part of Google's algorithm, it's not the actual social activity that matters, but what happens as a result of the activity that can help improve your rankings. Blind Five Year Old explains.

Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing

SEO Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing are like milk and cookies. They go together. They just fit. But why?! Neil Patel has the answers you're looking for.

The Sub-Domain vs. Sub-Directory SEO Debate Explained In One Chart

SEO Chart

Bookmark Alert: If  you're still not convinced that content marketing and SEO are a power couple, read this post by Dharmesh Shah

The Ultimate SEO Checklist: 15 Steps to Optimize Your Content Marketing Plan

SEO Checklist

A great reference for content marketers, this handy checklist from CMI will help you cover all your bases, especially when it comes to SEO best practices. 

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