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51 Content Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

Content Marketing Tools

It seems like there are more content marketing tools than ever, with the gap growing every day. Each of them promises to save the day for everything from persona development to editorial planning to content management, amplification, and measurement.

We know that you want to create content more efficiently and effectively. But which tools are the marketing pros are actually using? Forget about experimenting with dozens of applications. Here’s a curated list with the ones that are proven (many of which we use ourselves at Uberflip!) and recommended by experts like Content Marketing Institute and Social Media Today.

Inspiration & Discovery

Content Marketing Tools

Pocket – Put articles, videos or pretty much anything into Pocket. Save directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite. Price: Free.

Feedly – An RSS reader that lets you easily organize and read content from different sources. Price: Free.

Portent Idea Generator – A keyboard based generator of titles for potential content pieces. It is a great way to think outside of the box before creating any type of content. Price: Free.

Google Trends – Google Trends shows you what’s popular with Google searchers in real time and in the past – great for making content decisions based on actual data. (Youtube Trends provides the same type of insights but related to video content.) Price: Free.

Reddit Search – Use Reddit’s search function to find posts related to your topic and use them as inspiration. Price: Free.

Keyword Idea Tool – Find related keywords for your content and see which ones are more popular. Not only a good source of inspiration but also ideal for optimizing pieces for search engines. Price: Free. – Scroll through thousands of infographics. View them by topic, popularity or date. Price: Free.

Answer the Public – Enter any keyword and get a slew of content suggestions in seconds. Price: Free.

Quora – Search for questions that have been asked in the Quora community, then answer by creating a piece of content! Price: Free (must sign up as a member to access questions and answers).

SurveyMonkey & Google Forms – Create and publish online surveys in minutes, gather data, and view results in real time. Price: Free & paid.

MindNode – Keep track of your brainstorming sessions on any device, including iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Price: $9.99.

Editorial Management

Content Marketing Tools

Google Drive – Create and keep all your posts, drafts, forms, spreadsheets, etc. in one collaborative place. Price: Free.

Trello – Create boards that act as "to do" lists to keep everyone involved in your content marketing process on track. (Bonus: Trello now integrates with Slack!) Price: Free.

Kapost – Stay organized and successfully execute content marketing initiatives in a more automated way. Strategize, create workflows, manage an editorial calendar, and view analytics. Price: Paid.


Content Marketing Tools

Scripted, Textbroker & Contently - Find content writers for any format: blog posts, websites, scripts, ads, etc. Price: Varies.

WeVideo – Online video creation platform, which provides editing, collaboration, and sharing tools that work across any device (including mobile, tablets, laptops, and PCs). Price: Free.

Pixlr – An online photo editor that's similar to Photoshop (but a lot simpler). Price: Free.

Wideo & PowToon – Create motion graphic videos and animations without any technical knowledge. Edit, export, and share, all in one place. Price: Free and paid.

Qzzr - Build custom fun quizzes and tests that incorporate text, images, and other types of content. Price: Free and paid.

TwistedWave – A browser-based audio editor. Ideal for podcasts. Price: Free.

SlideShare – The #1 community for storing and sharing slide presentations. Think of it as a YouTube for slide decks. Price: Free and paid (on a CPL basis for lead generation).

Awesome Screenshot – Capture a whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, one-click upload to share. Price: Paid.

imgflip – Create your very own GIFs in seconds! Great for adding a little personality to your content mix. Price: Free.

GoToWebinar – Webinar software. Sessions can be created, promoted, and tracked – all within the application. Price: Paid.

Wordy – Real-time, human, copy-editing and proofreading service. Expert editors and proofreaders online 24/7. Price: Varies.

Hemingway App – An editor that makes your writing bold, clear, and concise (like the great Ernest himself). Price: Free.

Grammarly – A browser extension that checks for spelling and grammar errors in any text box – very useful for content creators. Price: Free and paid.


Content Marketing Tools

Listly – A tool for creating, embedding, sharing, and crowdsourcing lists. Price: Free and paid.

Curata- A software platform for predictable content supply chain which includes a curation component that allows you to track, find, organize, repurpose, and share third-party content. Price: Paid.

Waywire – Organize and package video content in a customized way. Create curated playlists or targeted video channels and embed them anywhere. Price: Paid.

Buzzsumo – Search for keywords to help curate content based on what's being shared on social in your industry. Price: Free and paid.

Sharing & Distribution

Content Marketing Tools

HootSuite – Probably the most comprehensive tool for organizing, reading, scheduling, and posting content on social media. Price: Free and paid.

Buffer – Share content on social networks using custom schedules. Make sure you always tweet at the best date and time. Price: Free and paid.

Tweriod – This tool gives you the best times to tweet. It analyzes both your tweets and your followers’, so you can post your content when it makes the most sense.

Outbrain – Offer users third-party content recommendations based on their interests as sponsored or related posts. It’s like AdWords for content marketers. Price: PPC.

ClickToTweet – An easy “tweet about this” link generator. Make excerpts from your content easier to share. Price: Free and paid.

Thunderclap – A "crowdspeaking" platform that allows you to get different user accounts to share one pre-composed message on social at the same time. Pretty cool, right? Price: Free and paid.

Analytics & Reporting

Content Marketing Tools

Google Analytics – View detailed statistics about a website’s traffic, create reports, export data, and customize dashboards. Price: Free.

Simply Measured – Different from Google’s dashboard, this tool adds social media to the mix, including data from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Price: Paid.

Social Bakers – Get competitive insights on your competitors and other third-party social media properties. Price: Free and paid.

Kissmetrics - Different from Google, this tool provides person-based analytics. It offers the ability to track not only general data but also stats for each website visitor. Price: Paid.

Mixpanel – Another advanced analytics platform. The biggest difference between Mixpanel and Google Analytics is that Mixpanel emphasizes event tracking, and Google Analytics focuses more on page view tracking. Price: Paid.

Chartio – Explore, display, and control any type of business data in an easy and meaningful way. Price: Paid.

Chartbeat – Track and measure the second-by-second attention of your visitors. Price: Varies.

Mouseflow –  Record website visitors and generate instant heatmaps showing where they click, scroll, and peruse. Price: Free and paid.

TrackMaven – Integrated marketing analytics that will help you optimize your content and campaigns across 15 digital channels. Price: Paid.