65 Twitter Lists To Subscribe To For Social Media, Content Marketing, Tech News and More

March 27, 2014 Hayley Mullen

Content Marketing Twitter Lists

You know Twitter is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date on industry news, see what influencers are talking about and cultivate tips and tricks to make you a better marketer. But who’s with me when I say that I follow so many people on Twitter, everything can become kind of a blur when I look at my feed. It’s constantly updated with so much new information, it’s easy to miss out on tweets that may be truly valuable to me.

That’s why Twitter lists are so great. They allow you to compartmentalize "tweeps" based on industry, interest – whatever you like. So rather than hoping you catch Joe Pulizzi’s latest article tweet amongst your friends’ brunch pictures, you can add him to a specific list with say, other content marketing influencers, for clutter-free updates. Not only that, Twitter lists also allow you to see who influencers and the companies you follow are following and subscribe to get in on the action. Bonus: less work for you!

That said, here are 65 lists we @Uberflip follow for content marketing, social media, copywriting, tech news and more. Compiled through other peoples' list recommendations, and lists of industry influencers we follow, they help us stay in the loop on topics that are relevant to us without having to endlessly scroll through our feed or jump on each “(1)Twitter” notification.

So without further ado, here they are. And if you subscribe to an awesome list you think marketers should know about, share in the comments!

Content, Inbound and General Marketing

Content Marketing Twitter Lists

Influencers by Uberflip 

Content Marketers by Martin Smith

Thought Leaders by Josh Weinberger

People I Listen To by Joe Chernov

MobileMarketing by Mari Smith

Content Marketers by Michael Brenner

Top100marketers by Erik van Roekel

Internet Marketing by EJ Cooksey

INBOUND 2013 Speakers by HubSpot

CMO by Miles Jennings

Digital and Social Media by Courtenay Bird

Marketing by Mashable

HubSpotters by HubSpot

marketing columnists by Fast Company

Email Marketing by Message Systems

Marketo Summit 2013 by Marketo

PR-Marketing-Top250 by Rami Kantari

AdWeek Marketing Top 50 by Mark Schaefer

Top Women in Content by Joe Chernov

the marketing twibe by Erin Blakemore

Marketing/Branding/PR by Kay Ross

Content Rules by Eloqua

b2b marketing influencers by Michael Brenner

Marketing by Lee Odden

CMI Contributors Content Marketing Institute

CMOs by Ad Age

Search and Social by Derek Edmond

Public Relations by Lee Odden

Social Media Marketing

social media twitter list

Influencers by Ari Herzog

SocMedia Editors by Sree Sreenivasan

Social Media Smarties by Susan Beebe

Social Media Stars by Mari Smith

facebook-social-marketing by Mari Smith

Twitter Stars by Mashable

thesocialmediagurus by Lori Gama

Social Media Top List by Scott Monty

Social Media Tweeps by Ekaterina Walter

Writers by Social Media Examiner

Social Strategists by Marshall Kirkpatrick

socialmedia by Andrew Nystrom

awesomesocial by Josh Elman

Rising Stars by Jason Pollock

Social Media by Mashable

Top Twitter Influencers by Simply Measured

Thought Leaders by Aaron Lee

Social Media Divas by Lee Odden

Social Media Experts by Juan Felix

The Circle by Ted Coine

Top 100 CMGRS 2014 by Little Bird


Copywriting twitter list

Copywriting/Writing by Unbounce

copywritinggurus by Michael A. Stelzner

Best Tweets for Writers by Jane Friedman

Tech and Startups

Tech twitter list

The ReadWriteWeb Team List

tech-women2follow by Anita Borg Institue

Tech Pundits by Robert Scoble

Most Influential in Tech by Robert Scoble

Bloggers & Reporters by HubSpot

Tech by Mashable

Tech Journalists by HuffPost Tech

Startup Founders by TNW Apps

Founders by 500 Startups

BI Editors & Reporters by Business Insider

tech by Mathew Ingram

Media and Bloggers by Michael Brenner

Writers Tech News by Steve Akins

Not to brag, but we tweet good stuff too! Follow us (or add us to your list) on Twitter.

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