11 Most Useful Hubs Features That Will Supercharge Your Content

November 1, 2013 Hana Abaza

Content Hubs

When the team at Uberflip came up with the concept for Hubs, the idea was to give marketers a way to organize, centralize and measure the effectiveness of their content – making it easy for them and for their audience.

To help you get the most out of Uberflip Hubs, we pulled together a list of the 11 most useful features into this post.

Mobile in Minutes

If you think you need a mobile app for all of your content, think again. What you need is a mobile experience via the web. The way we do this is through something called “responsive design” – your Hub will adapt to any screen or any device, so you can be mobile in minutes.

Using Twitter as Source of Content within Your Hub

Many of us don’t think of Twitter as a source of content – we see it as a distribution network. While this is true, Twitter can also be a powerful stream of content in your Hub, making your tweets discoverable to more people.

For example, someone may have entered your Hub via your site or a blog post and saw a tweet that grabbed their attention.

When creating a Twitter Stream in your Hub, you have the choice of importing all of your tweets or just your favorite tweets. You can even choose to import curated Twitter lists (more on that below under the Curate Content section!)

Highlight specific content with Marketing Streams

We know that your business objectives change, which means the type of content you create and promote also changes. Custom Marketing Streams allow you to further segment content in your Hub to create a targeted stream around a specific topic, campaign or promotion.

They’re easy to create—and easy to hide too. So if you’re promoting something time-sensitive, you can create a Marketing Stream around it and hide it as soon as it’s over.


Include Visual Content with Instagram

Visual content is on the rise and if you or your company is leveraging Instagram, it’s the perfect visual complement to your written content. By connecting your Instagram account, your audience can see your story – not just read about it.


Depending on your business, it might be unclear how you can use Instagram. At Uberflip, we use it as a fun way to show how much fun we’re having, giving you a glimpse into our corporate culture.

Stream Your Blog Content into your Hub

Whether you have one blog or several, it’s likely one of your main content sources and connecting it to your Hub is easy. Simply find the RSS feed, paste the link into your Hub and watch the magic happen.

Using Hubs and Youtube / Vimeo

It’s no surprise that video is on the rise. In fact, CISCO predicted that by 2014, 91 percent of all the consumer IP traffic would be dominated by video, including 64 percent of mobile data traffic. This means that a content strategy which includes video is worth considering.

YouTube or Vimeo Streams can be created by connecting your channel to your Hub, pulling in all of your video content.

But what if you don’t have your own video content? This brings us to curation…

Curating content from Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo and Blogs

Don’t think you have enough content? Or perhaps you want to pull in content from your partners or other influencers in your industry.

Whatever the case, curating content and displaying it in your Hub is easy.

Twitter Lists

Create a Twitter list that includes top influencers or partners and add it as a Stream in your Hub, leveraging targeted content that is already out there. For example, we have a twitter list with top Marketing Influencers that we include in our Hub.

Here’s how to create a Twitter list:


YouTube and Vimeo Playlists

Create a playlist with videos from other channels and add it as a Stream on your Hub. Instantly, you’ve created a video content Stream for your customers.

Here’s how to create a playlist on Youtube and on Vimeo:


Industry Blogs

In addition to adding your own blog, you can also add any other blog that has an RSS feed, streaming even more content into your Hub.

Turn your PDFs and eBooks into Flipbooks + import SlideShare presentations

Do you have any eBooks or PDF content that you’d like to make available? If so, you can add them to your Hub by using our Flipbooks feature. Simply upload your PDF and we’ll convert it into a beautiful and interactive Flipbook, turning a boring PDF into an engaging experience for your users.

Hubs is also integrated with SlideShare  so you can include presentations within your Hub (and keep visitors in one place). All you need is your SlideShare username and you’re good to go.

Create a Call to Action (no IT required!)

Marketers can quickly and easily set up a Call to Action (CTA) without any development skills. There are two types of CTAs that you can include within your Hub:

  • Link CTA – send readers to another landing page or site
  • Form CTA – collect contact details and link this form with your Mailchimp or Hubspot account automating the entire process.


Metrics – Measure What’s working

Last, but certainly not least, once your Hub is set up, use the Metrics tab to figure out what is (and what isn’t) working. You’ll be able to do things like:

  • Link your Hub to Google Analytics
  • Monitor traffic data (pageviews, visits, etc)
  • View CTA impressions
  • View CTA click-through rate


Do you have any other favorite Hubs features that we didn’t mention? Or something you’d like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments.

About the Author

Hana Abaza

Hana is the Head of Marketing at Shopify Plus.

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