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10 Things Our Marketing Team is Thankful For

Thanksgiving can be a time of overindulgence (who doesn’t love turkey, and stuffing, and pumpkin pie?), but it’s also a great excuse to come together as a family and reflect on what we have to be thankful for this year. Our Uberflip Marketing family came together to express what we’re thankful for (professionally) in the hopes it might inspire you to do the same with your team this holiday season. Read on to see our team’s responses:

I’m thankful for...

“A job I absolutely adore and to be able to work alongside some of the most brilliant, motivated individuals in my career. To find my groove at a company that's having a very strong year, and to feel that I'm making an impact towards the company goal. We are what we repeatedly do. Thus, working with my colleagues, excellence is a habit and not an (infrequent) act.” —Fern Hernandez, Marketing Operations Manager

“People who submit event feedback surveys! (close second—people who RSVP and actually show up). Feedback from event surveys is one of the few ways that I am able to improve future events / conferences. Without this concrete feedback, it's difficult to make a case for change or keep a great idea that was being tested out at the event. While during the event verbal feedback is helpful, it's typically after the event where the team will sit down with the executive to debrief. So if the feedback hasn't been formally submitted by an attendee through the survey, it's difficult to say, ‘Oh, well I heard this from so-and-so’ and expect it to be actioned on. It also helps to ensure all of the feedback is all in one place and easily found for future reference. People who fill out event surveys are the BEST!” —Sarah Askett, Events Marketing Manager

“Zapier! Zapier's ‘Zaps’ have helped me in a crunch so many times over the years whether it be distributing new content, generating leads, or collaborating with my team. For the uninitiated, Zapier is a tool that can connect 1,000+ apps to help automate workflows and increase productivity. For example: You can set up a Zap that will catch your leads coming in from a chatbot, like Drift, and feed them into your marketing automation platform, like Marketo. Any new lead that's created in Drift will also be added to Marketo, saving you the trouble of ever importing again. Easy as apple pie on Thanksgiving!” —Brianne Price, Content Experience Manager


“Affordable online courses like Udemy on the latest front-end frameworks. These courses have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of current front-end technology.”

—John Zhang, Marketing Front-End Developer


“The awesome community of marketers that I get to engage with every day on social! There's a huge misconception that B2B marketing is ‘boring,’ but companies like Drift, SnapApp, Vidyard, Sigstr, and HubSpot (just to name a FEW) are examples of true trailblazers when it comes to fun and effective B2B branding. For one, engaging with all-star marketers on social media every day makes my job way more fun 🚀🙌(my use of GIFs and emojis has increased significantly since I took over Uberflip's social channels), and they're also super inspiring! Seeing the awesome campaigns our partners and customers are working on always gets my gears turning.” —Melissa Wankiewicz, Social Media Specialist

“I'm thankful for our amazing sales team. I have a ton of respect for our salespeople and appreciate how hard they work to grow our business. I love collaborating with sales on new campaign ideas, and always appreciate their helpful feedback. I personally know marketers at other companies who have great difficulty working constructively with their sales organization, so I'm especially grateful that the Uberflip team makes my job better and more enjoyable. Thank you sales team—I'm lucky to have you!” —Heidi Vandermeer, Account-Based Marketing


“Our beautifully customized marketing dashboards. Who doesn't love granular metrics and souped-up reports?! It helps me understand what marketing programs are influencing revenue, how close we are to attaining our goals, and what's in the pipeline. It helps me be a lot more strategic, run experimentation programs, and not to mention, it's quite rewarding to see what is working for us (and what isn't).” —Arabi Sivananthalingam, Marketing Programs Manager


“Gyazo! I'm always looking to grab quick screenshots and gifs of our product. Gyazo makes it super easy, saves me a ton of time, and makes my articles look way better!”

—Jason Oakley, Product Marketing Manager



“The emergence of content experience has made the creation of my dream role possible. One where I can finally focus on improving the overall customer experience throughout the journey from a marketing lens. I have yet to find a marketing position that has allowed me to work on CX without being in more of a technical role like a UX designer or developer. Content experience combines marketing, content, and customer experience to help deliver personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. Yes, you need to be tech-savvy, but it's more important to understand how content should be used across the entire journey and the tech stack required to engage customers at each touchpoint than be able to execute each aspect. I am beyond thankful that I can bring my passion to my work (and get paid to do it), while also being able to educate other marketers on the importance of content experience and its impact on revenue—especially in the B2B space.” —Paige Gerber, Director of Content Experience

And what am I thankful for?

A team who rises to every occasion, who is always willing to help whether it’s a creative brainstorm, training on a new tool, or knowledge sharing for an article (ahem!) like this one.

As a marketer, what are you thankful for this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author

Christine is an experience-obsessed marketer. She was Uberflip's Director of Content, where creating engaging content experiences for marketers was a challenge she accepted daily. She believes that if you can't attract, engage, and compel that next action with your content, then why bother? She also has a thing for pugs, but who doesn't.

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