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How to use Uberflip to scale your ABM strategy

Scaling account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns can feel overwhelming. Picture this: you’re trying to personalize 40 bits of content for your top-tier target accounts and, at the same time, your sales team is trying to understand which of these items should be sent where. This level of personalization could take weeks or months, right? But it doesn’t have to anymore. We’ll show you how you can leverage Uberflip to personalize your content experiences for ABM at scale.

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Creating content experiences

A content experience provides your target accounts with an engaging, relevant destination that compels them to engage with your company. With the right tech, you can create personalized, relevant content experiences for your 1:many ABM campaigns… at scale!

Marketing Streams

Before we dive in, you’re likely wondering: What is a Marketing Stream? It’s an engaging destination for any audience that comprises relevant content, customized layouts, and personalized branding and messaging, all of which encourage self-nurturing.

Personalization is critical for any successful ABM strategy. Creating streams is a great way to accomplish this. Would you rather personalize multiple content items for a single account or personalize a single Stream for that same account? We know what we’d choose! 

Marketing Streams enable Uberflip users to create engaging ABM destinations for every target account with relevant, handpicked content. We've partnered with intent data platforms such as Demandbase, 6Sense, Bombora, and Clearbit to enable you to leverage data to dynamically personalize your Uberflip streams—including customized layouts, branding, and messaging catering to your target account or individual—all to help encourage self-nurturing and cut down your efforts. 

With Uberflip, you can easily create content streams for each account without all the labor of asset-level personalization. Here’s an example of how we do it at Uberflip. We’ve customized a Marketing Stream specifically for our prospects who attended or registered for our webinar on closing the buyer engagement gap and are looking to solve that problem. The key components are:

  • A personalized look and feel that directly states its target audience
  • Content curated from existing assets covering topics related to the problem the prospect is looking to solve
  • Marketing materials the target audience can engage with that appear to have been created specifically for them

Uberflip solving the buyer engagement gap Marketing Stream

Sales Streams

Sales Streams enable salespeople to leverage pre-approved, on-brand content for personalized outreach, so they can work in collaboration with the marketing team’s tactics and overall ABM strategy. Like Marketing Streams, Sales Streams enable users to easily create content tailored to their target accounts and build a personalized stream of content for 1:1, 1:few, or 1:many campaigns.
In the example below, we see that:

  • Personalization can be tailored specifically for one-to-one contexts. For example, it could include the prospect or contact’s name and company
  • The content is relevant to the specific use case (Pardot integration, productivity, and pipeline) and is leveraged to enrich and fuel the sales conversation

Sales Streams Personalization for ABM | Uberflip

Stream templates

Stream templates give you the power to create alignment across customer-facing teams with templates. You can cut out the extra effort of creating every content experience from scratch, and give your team an approved template they can pick up and customize in minutes—eliminating most of the set-up and web developer time.

In the example below, Terminus demonstrates how it personalizes sales outreach with a custom landing page for each account. With the use of stream templates, their team can:

  • Deliver customized content experiences, branded for each target account
  • Incorporate a banner image, custom logos, and colors to create a personalized landing page experience

Terminus sales outreach example


Now that you know how to use Marketing and Sales Streams to personalize your ABM strategy at scale, you’ll want to better enable your cross-functional teams by helping them discover content faster. The solution? Tags! They eliminate time in finding that perfect content piece and enable teams to work better together—they help in reporting too, letting you identify categories of content to either exclusively explore or exclude from the analysis.   

Uberflip tags allow users to categorize content at the item level with specific descriptions like format, funnel stage, use case, persona, and topic. You can then apply Smart Filters to automatically populate selected Marketing Streams with tagged content, or simply make it easier for other team members to identify content destined for a specific customer type, funnel stage, or account. 

Below is a list of content tagged according to persona. For every particular tag, your team can see all of the content items that have that tag.

List of content tags according to persona

Distributing content for ABM

Once you’ve created engaging content experiences for your target accounts, the next step is to drive traffic to them. Marketing and Sales Streams each live at their own unique URL, which means you can easily market them to your prospects through your existing channels, including:

  • Email
  • Social
  • Digital advertising

Creating a custom destination for your audience as they come from different channels or ads helps to create a more streamlined experience. For example, Uberflip customer ContinuumCloud modified the content being served up depending on segment and audience. Based on the top-level account segmentation model they used, the CTA served up pulled appropriate accounts into different layers of the funnel depending on their activity. ContinuumCloud then routed accounts to deeper funnel content destinations within Uberflip.

Marketing automation and embedding tiles

If you’re distributing via email, Uberflip helps you scale your ABM strategy and distribution. When using a marketing automation tool to send 1:many emails (e.g., for your tier-three accounts, who are likely receiving a lower level of personalization), you can easily embed tiles from your target or Marketing Streams. The embed tiles functionality allows you to incorporate whole streams or Items from your hub into your other web properties or email campaigns.

Embed tile image with link

Sharpen and scale your ABM strategy

Scaling your ABM strategy doesn’t need to be difficult and time-consuming, with features like Marketing and Sales Streams, tags, and embedded tiles you can better leverage content to reach your target accounts and, more importantly, immerse those accounts in an expertly curated, personalized content experience.

Request a demo and start scaling your personalized ABM content experiences today!

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