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Unlocking B2B Buyer Engagement: The Experience Disconnect Report

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Marketers are more in control of the B2B buyer journey than ever before, but there’s often a disconnect between the experiences marketers deliver and what buyers expect. And when B2B buyers don't feel engaged, they can quickly lose interest in your solution.

To understand the sources of the experience disconnect, Uberflip surveyed 250 B2B buyers and 250 marketers across America about their expectations for the buyer journey to see how their responses compared.

In this report, we explore:

  • Why most marketers’ approach to personalization is missing the mark (and what your buyers want from you instead)
  • Which types of content marketers are over-prioritizing
  • What most marketers are underestimating when it comes to increasing buyer engagement

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This post is brought to you by the Uberflip team. Uberflip’s <a href="">content experience platform</a> provides personalized pathways that turn prospects into customers and customers into loyal advocates. We're changing the way people think about content.

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