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The Future Of B2B Content: A New Paradigm Requires Bold Bets And Experimentation

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The future of content is contextualized experiences

Dramatic improvements to the content engine will be essential to fuel engagement throughout
the customer lifecycle and deliver the insights necessary for continuous improvement. To tackle
these challenges and build for the future, organizations should seize the opportunity to make
bold bets in technology, functional skills, operational alignment, and experimentation.

In Forrester’s 2022 State Of B2B Content Survey, Forrester surveyed 133 Forrester
contacts with B2B marketing responsibilities who directly contribute to one or more aspects of
the content lifecycle. This report explains the ways in which the B2B content engine is currently broken, how it can be fixed, and how marketers will leverage AI and data to build contextualized content experiences.

  • Create content that meets your customer in the moment. According to Forrester, to thrive, organizations must build a future where static, disconnected content assets are replaced by dynamic, contextual content adventures.
  • Use data to improve content as it connects the customer experience. Organizations must improve their ability to capture data from interactions with content. The depth of their data will shape how effectively marketers plan and activate content in the future.
  • AI: a handshake between human and machine. In the future, people and AI-driven machines will collaborate to deliver contextual content experiences—each making decisions that build cumulative intelligence.