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How Uberflip integrates with your tech stack

Illustration of various technologies plugging into the Uberflip platform

Do you think your marketing tech stack is complete? We can tell you now that if Uberflip isn’t a part of it, it’s not! As a marketer, you know a well-curated tech stack can elevate your buyer journey. You likely have a great one already, but is it successfully covering the "engage" part of the journey? 

At Uberflip, we look at marketing as an exercise in identifying, attracting, and then engaging your buyers. (More on this later.) Most companies are really great at the first two, but only 11% of marketers say they are confident in their ability to engage buyers effectively, according to Forrester.

So let’s talk about how adding Uberflip and unifying your tech stack can help you level up. It allows you to organize and enhance the buyer journey while increasing productivity and efficiency, giving you and your team more wins. Who wouldn’t want that? 

If you’re still on the fence, let's start with the “why.” 

Why integrate Uberflip with your marketing tech stack?

Uniting Uberflip with your marketing tech stack can improve the customer experience as it enables you to:

  • Create a seamless and more efficient marketing engine for your customers
  • Dynamically customize your content experiences to make them engaging with easy-to-configure design and personalization apps
  • Incorporate new apps into your marketing tech stack from Uberflip Marketplace—a spot where we invite other talented teams to fuel development and innovation across our platform

So we all agree Uberflip is a must-have in your marketing tech stack. Now let’s look at where it actually fits in.

Where does Uberflip fit into your marketing tech stack? 

A successful marketing tech stack provides different solutions to help at various stages, but the key to victory is getting them to work together through the process. Uberflip works alongside your marketing tech stack to improve the customer experience and allow you to personalize it at scale. 

What are the various stages we mentioned? There are three elements marketers need to guide the customer journey: identify, attract and engage.

Let's explore what role each element plays.

Customer experience framework


First, you need to identify the right people. Apps such as Demandbase, 6sense, and Bombora help you to find the best data to do this and allow you to personalize your experience at scale.  


Now is the time to get their attention through the correct channels. Apps such as Marketo and Pardot can help ​​drive your lead generation. By integrating them with Uberflip, you can collect visitor information, track activity, and better orchestrate the customer journey.


Once you’ve attracted the customer, this time is essential to make sure you engage and retain their attention with the right destination—that's where Uberlfip shines. Adding Uberflip to your marketing tech stack and overall strategy empowers you to create personalized destinations and experiences at scale, giving your customers what they want and need so that they move down the funnel faster.

Have we piqued your interest? See how Uberflip integration works with some of your favorite apps.

Here we’ve outlined some of Uberflip’s most powerful and popular integrations that will help you create click-worthy content destinations that will accelerate your buyers through the journey faster.

How Uberflip and your CMS work together 

We know relevance is what matters most to your buyers, so you need to be quick, agile, and precise to capitalize on market opportunities. When you connect your content management system to Uberflip, it gives you the ability to streamline campaign deployment and have more control over your content destinations. You'll also be able to launch your content destination in just minutes—bonus!

Integrations for unlocking next-level personalization

If you’re a Demandbase or 6sense customer, we have great news! By integrating with Uberflip you can take your personalized marketing efforts to new heights. Using either of these tools with Uberflip instantly empowers you and your team to create dynamically personalized content destinations for your target accounts. 

More ways to integrate

Not only does Uberflip integrate with some of the most powerful tools in your marketing tech stack, but there are also a ton of others that work with Uberflip to make the lives of the folks on your marketing team easier! We’ve listed some fan favorites below. 

Video-sharing platforms

Content distribution tools

Website optimization and tracking solutions

Taking personalized experiences even further

Though we touched on examples above, many of our customers use their Uberflip-powered content experiences as a destination to drive traffic from ads and direct mail. We commonly see platforms like Terminus, RollWorks, Sigstr, LinkedIn, Sendoso, and Madison Logic.

More tips:

  • Another great way of adding a personal touch is by Placing a Driftbot on an Uberflip content destination. 
  • For the sales side, Salesloft and Outreach are how reps typically engage prospects with Uberflip-powered destinations, and Chili Piper is often used to book meetings. 

While these tools don’t have native integrations with Uberflip, our customers’ feedback was positive. The apps play well with each other and ultimately lead to greater levels of personalization and optimized experiences. But this list of tech is just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

It all starts here

When adding a new piece of software to your tech stack, it’s important to ensure that the tools you have at your disposal complement each other, not cause headaches. The good news is that, with Uberflip, connecting any of the tools mentioned here only strengthens your ability to create highly personalized, click-worthy content destinations for your customers and prospects. With the above tools working together, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to start creating remarkable content destinations for your buyers from day one.

Want to learn more about how Uberflip works with other tech? Talk to an expert and elevate your marketing tech stack from great to unstoppable.