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Uberflip Raises $32M in Funding to Power Personalized Content Experiences

An Open Letter From Uberflip CEO Yoav Schwartz

I feel like we’re all grown up now.

Uberflip, the company I founded 6 years ago with Randy Frisch is known in our community for, among other things, achieving a lot with a little (as we’ve mostly bootstrapped). Today, however, I am so proud to announce that we’ve secured our first round of institutional funding in the amount of $32M USD from one of the best growth equity investors on the planet—Updata Partners.

This is a massive turning point in our journey.

In the early days, not for lack of trying, Randy and I were just no good at raising capital. And I’m so thankful for this shortcoming. Instead, we focused on building a healthy, sustainable business, funded by a simple strategy we’ve jokingly liked to call “revenue.”

Aside from a $1M angel round a few years back, Uberflip has survived, and then thrived by focusing on and succeeding at three key things:

  1. Culture

  2. Vision

  3. Our Customers

1. Culture is at our core. In our early years, we were never able to compete with big companies or heavily funded startups on salary or perks. The way we’ve attracted talented people is with an amazing work environment filled with like-minded, kind, ambitious people who are equally passionate about our vision and mission.

2. A strong vision that’s never changed, only enhanced. When we started Uberflip we knew marketers weren’t in control of their destiny. Content marketing was gaining traction, and while creating content was challenging, no one was ready to talk about the problems that lay ahead—where to put that content, and how to leverage it. Every day, we’ve collectively moved forward to build a platform where today’s leading marketers can personalize content experiences at scale—without needing to involve IT.

3. We have the best customers in the world. Success is impossible without advocacy. We are customer obsessed—from marketing campaigns to onboarding and training—we’ve always gone above and beyond because quite simply we wouldn’t be here without their continued support. There’s a massive list of customers I know I can count on for honest feedback, a testimonial, or even a referral. We’re lucky.

And so, as much as bringing on new financing means things can change, we don’t plan to change anything—at least not operationally. I’ve watched too many tech startups burn a hole in the ground trying to grow faster and faster, all while leaving a wake of broken promises behind them.

This capital instead will allow us to continue to methodically invest in the product, our team, and of course, our customers, for many years to come.

What I believe will change, however, is the intangible.

Aside from financial security, what this funding represents is the validation of the category we’ve created. Content Experience is no longer a small, niche concept—it’s the cornerstone of marketing.

There's a fundamental shift happening in the way buyers search for information. They’re no longer going to vendor websites for answers, but instead are engaging with content like blogs, videos, and ebooks to self-educate. In the not so distant future, I imagine a world where an organization’s primary web destination is their content—not their website—deeply personalized for each visitor’s interest, behavior, and stage in the buyer’s journey.

A traditional CMS just wasn’t built for that level of personalization, or a marketer’s autonomy.

Uberflip most definitely is.

Thanks again for joining us on this journey. We’re turning the page, eager to start writing the next chapter.

Looking forward to celebrating with many of you this summer at Conex!

For more information on this exciting funding announcement, see our news release here.

About the Author

Yoav Schwartz is a co-founder of Uberflip and spent 11 years as CEO where he drove the mission, vision, and goals of the company.

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