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Uberflip Releases Powerful Enhancements to Leading Digital Sales Room Product, Sales Assist

Sales Teams Now Have All They Need to Close Deals, Enabling Buyers in Seconds with Marketing Approved Content

TORONTO - July 12, 2023 — Uberflip, long known as the leading content experience platform (CEP) and now also deeply entrenched in sales engagement technology, today announces significant product enhancements to its Digital Sales Room (DSR) product Sales Assist. The innovative buyer engagement tool is loved by sales teams for how it empowers them to quickly find, personalize and share content with prospects quickly. Now, Sales Assist is offering the full spectrum of DSR capabilities, enabling teams to create personalized pages packed with all the sales collateral and marketing content prospects need to make decisions and progress deals quickly. Enhancements also include seamless integrations with Salesforce and other tools that B2B teams use daily, along with the ability to add welcome videos, capture buying committee profiles and much more. Thanks to this powerful functionality and user satisfaction, Sales Assist is visible on G2’s DSR category. 

“We’ve been investing behind the scenes in bold and innovative ways, and these Sales Assist enhancements are the first of a few key changes we’re rolling out,” says Yoav Schwartz, chief executive officer at Uberflip. “We see this powerful functionality as the start of a shared future we envision with our customers, a future in which Uberflip empowers sales and marketing to enable buyers, and close deals through all GTM campaign motions. We’re proud to be elevating our solution to include the best DSR platform, and to further champion our customers’ success through this exciting changing tide.” 

In order to deliver even greater ease of use and speed to sales teams, Uberflip went as far as building a separate way for reps to access the platform. The company understood its customers weren’t going to log into another browser tab, and rather needed something that would sit alongside the solutions they’re already using. As such, the Sales Assist extension works alongside Gmail and Outlook, as well as popular sales engagement platforms like Salesloft, Outreach and Salesforce. The app is accessed via a Chrome extension, Outlook plug-in, on the Salesforce AppExchange and even your mobile browser. Uberflip customers can stay within the solutions they’re already using, while they make compelling DSRs in seconds. 

Sales Assist is already known for helping teams to find high-value content effortlessly, share it within the applications they use every day, create content from any source, leverage brand-approved templates, track engagement and beyond. These new enhancements additionally offer customers the ability to:

  • Create highly engaging DSRs in seconds by utilizing templates

  • Mix easily-discoverable marketing assets with sales collateral from virtually any source including Google and Microsoft suites

  • Expand buying committee profiles with gated calls-to-action 

  • Access real-time insights for reps and deep analytics for managers

  • A native integration within Salesforce to take the next best action 

  • Use Sales Assist seamlessly with all the tools reps already use, including Salesforce, SalesLoft, Outreach, Gmail and Outlook

Sales Assist is designed for BDR/SDR, AE, CSMs and all customer-facing GTM roles. “Uberflip’s new addition revolutionizes my cold outreach, offering personalized and targeted content to prospects, significantly overcoming low engagement issues, thereby amplifying interaction rates,” says Ross Cooper, sales executive with Florence Healthcare. 

According to a report on DSRs by GTM Partners, a next-generation GTM analyst firm focused on data-driven, third-party validation, the year-over-year demand for DSRs has gone up 325%. In the midst of this demand, GTM Partners’ report underscores how Uberflip stands out with Sales Assist by allowing sales reps to combine marketing-approved assets with sales collateral through the Chrome extension, which is accessed in the inbox, creating a single place dedicated to the deal. Another study by GTM Partners affirmed that Uberflip helps teams accelerate their buyer’s journey, scale their account-based marketing (ABM) programs, improve seller performance and close rates with DSRs. 

“DSRs have become essential in the B2B space, for SDRs and buyers alike,” says Bryan Brown, founder and chief analyst at GTM Partners. “The best DSRs marry together content experience and sales engagement, which is exactly what Uberflip has done with Sales Assist. We saw the value of this in the study we conducted, and also saw that customers recognize the value too.” 

To see a video explainer and more about creating digital sales rooms in seconds with Sales Assist, click here. 

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