A Day in the Life of a Content Creator [Mad Lib]

August 28, 2018 Catherine Champoux

In the spirit of Conex fun, Perkuto put together a Conex post-show mad lib. Each bolded word replacement was provided by a show attendee without knowing the context of our story. Please enjoy!

Content creation has to be one of the best jobs on the planet.

Typically, my day starts at 6:43 in the morning with 88 margaritas and a plateful of hot, hot, hot snails. I like to work uninterrupted, so I usually delete my 24 new emails, dawn my headphones and crank up the tunes by KISS. I’ll spend a couple of hours writing before I have to attend my first meeting, which is usually to talk about construction technology, content experience or my favorite topic, billing. I have to confess, I find meetings challenging. In fact, afterward, I often go cycling around my cubicle to clear my ass.

After a high-flying morning, it’s time for lunch at my desk, usually comprised of mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts while catching up on Legbook or watching cleaning videos on YouTube. In the afternoon, I’ll snack on stale pens and pencils as I create a new ebook or webinar. My day generally wraps up at 4:00 p.m. or when it’s time for reruns of Scooby Doo, whichever comes first.

Overall, I take pride in the content I produce as I know it helps my company grow internationally and become more consumer-centric by providing cool and perfidious content that makes data architects feel elated or fearful, prompting them to retweet or publish the material I create.  (And on a more practical level, content creation also pays the EBOX internet bill.)

I’ll close with my favorite inspirational quote by Boy George, “If you can make someone chew and digest, do it. The world needs more of that.” And that’s precisely why I love being a content creator.

A shout-out to all the participants who helped create this piece. Thanks for stopping by the Digesto booth and making our Conex experience extra special and truly unique! Sarah at Uberflip, Moira at Trimble, Debbi at KU Alumni Association, the anonymous contributor at AudienceView, Yousuf at 247.ai, Abira at Insight Creative House, Meredith at MD, Renee at 247.ai, Adam at Autodesk, Brandi at Uberflip, Sue at HeadStart, Susan at Starfish Entertainment, Bryne at Marmato Consulting, Jason at PFL, Sarah at Trimble, David at Quarry, Rachel at Lessing-Flynn, Hillary at Fortinet, Jean at CleosLab, Dan at Macromator, Alex at Shutterstock, Kara at Rogue Wave, Amy @ Ceridian, Andrew at Volterra, Dave at Alight, Brook at Rogers, didiarchivist at Arcadia Data, Jennifer at EfficiencyOne, Tamara at Form & Affect, Patricia at Form & Affect, John at Intelligent Demand, Veronique at Genetec, Monika at Genetec, Seth at SnapApp.

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Catherine Champoux

Catherine Champoux, PMP, is the VP of Client Success and Partner Alliance at Perkuto. Cat, a Marketo Certified Expert, has been successfully solving complex challenges while improving customer relationships for over a decade.

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