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Webinar: Blogging In The Age Of Modern Marketing

As it turns out, simply having a blog does not mean your blog is working for you. After all, let’s not forget your blog’s main purpose: to generate new leads for your business. You could get 100,000 visitors every day, but if you’re only converting 1 of those visitors into a lead then it’s not really effective marketing, now, is it?

In this webinar video, we teach you how to turn your blog into the ultimate marketing tool it’s supposed to be. Whether you’re new to blogging or have been blogging for years, there are important principles to understand in order to make your blog effective. We go over best practices on how to:

  • Determine the purpose and focus of your blog - Better understand your audience personas
  • Create relevant content that builds stronger relationships with your audience
  • Leverage your blog to gather new leads for your business.