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Behind the Scenes: How LinkedIn Masters Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Presented by: Megan Golden, Head of Content, LinkedIn

Marketing a marketing product definitely has its upside. Not only can LinkedIn relate easily with our audience, they also have early access to new LinkedIn advertising products. They've spent years testing and refining strategies on the LinkedIn platform and learning from both successes and failures.

Today, the marketers at LinkedIn consider themselves experts on how to build a full-funnel B2B content strategy on the LinkedIn platform. With that, the time has come to share what they've learned so every marketer can use the same tactics they've perfected and become experts on their own teams.

Session Notes

There was a high turn-out for Megan Golden’s talk, and she readily shared her expertise, friendly demeanor and high energy with the crowd.

New Doesn't Always Sell

  • Marketers are always looking for the newest thing: newest product, newest technology, but often fail to see that looking back at past projects and campaigns can work as a great foundation to your next big feat. 
  • Do like Disney. Go back to the content and stories that were most successful to your company, and redo that in an enhanced way. 
  • MAYA - Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable (familiar but new) is a strategy that has been proven to work. If it’s worked for you really well in the past, it’s going to work for you really well in the future.
  • Megan used the example of Tropicana and how they ended up going back to their original logo after they lost over 50% of sales when after they released a modern version.
  • Only one in five ad campaigns outperformed the old ones!

Invest in More Organic Means

  • You don’t have to always sell your products and services, constantly bombarding your customers with sales messages is only going to annoy them. Involve them through groups, for example, where they can connect to other people and learn from your company.
  • If you’re not testing, you’re losing money. See what kind of ads and content work best by using A/B testing for example (e.g LinkedIn found out that inspirational quotes work better than sharing stats).
  • Guide the customers through a journey. Again this doesn’t have to be a sales journey, but a way for them to interact and get involved with your platform.

Key Takeaways

Go back to previous successful campaigns, and see how you can tweak them for the future to make them work better for the present.

  1. Organic reach is vital—involve people and teach them something new. They will want to be a part of your journey.
  2. Nobody remembers ads anymore. We’re constantly bombarded by them every second of the day, so engage your audience with something familiar.