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Six Keys to Building a Customer Experience That Converts

As consumers, we live in an overloaded world. So, as B2B marketers, how do we ensure our company's value proposition is crisp instead of part of the raucous rest of the world? In this session, Christina Bottis, Head of Marketing at Coyote Logistics walks through building a winning marketing strategy from the ground up. She discusses how to create content that converts, how to create binge-worthy experiences across all your different marketing programs, and how to use customer interactions as clues for better results.

Presented by: Christina Bottis, CMO, Coyote Logistics

Session Notes

Christina was engaging and addressed the audience as if they were her friends.  She had a kind, approachable tone.   

A Shift in Power

  • Customers have changed; there is a shift in demand because customers are now accustomed to on-demand apps
  • Behavioral trends have changed: Customers use digital channels at all stages of their buying journey
  • We are currently witnessing a shift in power from the sales rep to the buyer
  • Once buyers engage with sales, they expect information they can’t get on their own

Find Out What's Important to the Customer When Making A Decision

  • Use that to drive decision-making across every department; get the entire company making customer-driven decisions
  • “You can say anything, but you can’t say everything.” You must be crystal clear that you can market better than anyone else and in a unique way
  • Be realistic about what you can defend
  • Building content can feel overwhelming when you’re starting from scratch
  • Build content “like Mr. Potatohead” (i.e., use interchangeable content that can be used in other areas)

When it Comes to Channels, it's All About Your Customer

  • Don’t get trapped by trendiness; focus on where your customer really is
  • Integrate channels into a marketing ecosystem
  • Ask yourself, “And then what?” This will help you figure out the next step in your marketing journey

Help Your Customers Solve Their Problems

  • Go with your customer on the journey
  • Understand the process of the buying committee
  • It’s about timing
  • Make it personal: deliver the right experience to the right person

Account Based Marketing

  • Do great marketing; don’t waste money on account-based marketing:
  • Partner your account-based marketing with your sales force

Measure, Refine. Measure, Scale.

  • Quantify it, or it didn’t happen
  • Make what’s working even better

Key Takeaways

  1. A sales and marketing partnership will eventually lead to increased lead quality
  2. If you don’t do your research and market properly, you end up wasting money 
  3. Focus on your customers and they’ll take you where you need to go!