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Retention & expansion: Why marketers are pivotal to 2021 success

With companies looking to stabilize in the current economic environment, the focus on customer engagement intensifies. Historically a responsibility for the CX team, marketers should also play a significant supporting role to help drive retention, upsell, and expansion.

With marketing teams so focused on driving new pipeline, they must start thinking about how to apply those same strategies post-sale, with an understanding of the customer buyer journey, content interests, channel preferences, and KPIs.

In this webinar, hear from guest speaker Laura Ramos from Forrester, Elissa Fink, and Randy Frisch from Uberflip as they unpack:

  • Why customer engagement is the foundation to 2021 success
  • How to leverage the same demand strategies to deliver value that makes customer more loyal and profitable
  • What value marketers can provide outside of product and CX