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[On-Demand] Account-Based Everything

Your pipeline and revenue targets continue to grow. Yet, it’s becoming harder to engage accounts and drive them through the buyer’s journey at speed and scale.

To combat this, many marketing teams have adopted ABM and, according to ITSMA, a good majority have already seen the strategy deliver higher ROI and more revenue. But it’s not all plain sailing, and there’s a number of common obstacles and challenges to face on the path to success.

In this webinar, host Michael Waldron, VP of Marketing at Uberflip is joined by Brian Finnerty, VP of Growth at Demandbase, and Mike Swainey, Senior Director of Marketing at Intelligent Demand to discuss how to avoid these pitfalls, including:

  • What Sales & Marketing alignment really means
  • How to avoid wasting your time on accounts that aren’t interested
  • Why dead ends in your buyer’s journey destroy your ROI