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Innovating with key customers: Marketing's next frontier?

Business leaders appreciate that innovating with existing customers is essential to long-term growth. We develop and test new solutions with the customers that we trust the most.

ABM pioneers in the early 2000s understood this; they often focused on innovating new solutions with existing key accounts. But it’s rarely a marketing priority today and the ABM explosion in recent years has oriented mostly to new customer acquisition.

Now, amid the disruptions of 2020, customer marketing is on the rise and ABM-ers are putting more energy into customer success and retention. It’s an important adjustment but is it enough?

Join Rob Leavitt, SVP Consulting at ITSMA, to consider the next frontier for ABM and B2B marketing: Collaborative innovation with the customers that matter most. Rob will:

  • Review new findings from ITSMA’s 2020 ABM Benchmark Study as well as new research with executive-level buyers of B2B technology solutions
  • Discuss why collaborative innovation is fast becoming a core priority for B2B marketing
  • Identify the five keys to success with a collaborative innovation approach