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The Art of Visual Content and the Science That Makes it Convert

From infographics to presentations to eBooks, visual content can present complex ideas in a format that’s easy to digest and hard to ignore.

These highly engaging content assets not only generate awareness for your company in a crowded internet, but when delivered in the right content experience, can also transform that engagement into conversions.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • Key characteristics of highly compelling visual content.
  • How to create killer infographics, presentations and more.
  • Visual content creation tips for both small businesses and large organizations.
  • How to optimize the content experience to generate leads from your visual content.

We gathered a few highlights and key takeaways from the webinar to help you embark upon your visual content journey.

Learn from the best

Tania mentioned some kick-ass infographics from big and small companies alike. What makes these infographics so awesome?

They make sense as visuals. They don’t require massive chunks of text to get their message across, and they follow a coherent narrative. Most importantly, they’ve been fact-checked and edited to ensure quality.

Check them out below:

The ideal length and size of an infographic

Ridiculously tall and skinny infographics can exceed the attention span of viewers. If you want to keep your reader engaged, aim to make your infographic 3,000-4,000 pixels long and 800 pixels wide. If you want to make a horizontal infographic, simply swap the dimensions around.

Similarly, don’t overload your infographic with too much text. It’s all about the images, after all. Your infographic should include no more than one 8.5x11 page of text translated into visuals.

Marketers who are lacking design skills can still get visual

You can outsource your visual content creation, but make sure to keep your designer looped-in at every stage of the process to avoid any design disasters.

Or, use a tool such as Canva to create compelling visual content. Canva provides a quick and easy solution for creating stunning visuals that can be used for blog posts and social media content. We especially recommend Canva for marketers who don’t have much of a design background and don’t have an in-house designer at their disposal. They also have a great Design School to help you master your visual content game.

Generate leads with your visual content by creating an amazing content experience

You could have an amazing visual, but it could be held back by a sub-par content experience. If you want to generate leads with your visual content, don’t just think about the visual—consider how it will be consumed by your audience.

Visually generates leads with their visual content by creating a seamless content experience in their Uberflip Hub, which allows them to gate their premium content with an Overlay CTA (see below).

Visually Overlay CTA

Unlike landing pages, Overlay CTAs are great for lead generation because they are less disruptive, quicker to create, easier for your users to navigate, and convert at a much higher rate.

Gating a piece of content with an Overlay CTA (as opposed to a landing page) also provides a better content experience. Rather than sending users to a landing page with several onerous steps, the user instead sees a very unimposing form that hovers on top of the piece of content they want.

By gating a piece of premium content with a form, Visually is able to generate leads from specific pieces of content. Uberflip integrates with their marketing automation to capture these leads and nurture them accordingly after they convert on a specific piece of content (we currently integrate with HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua and Act-On).

Visually helps brands produce high quality content like videos, presentations, eBooks, infographics, social media content and more! Ready to start your next project? Get in touch!

Uberflip is a lightweight CMS that helps marketers create amazing content experiences. Want to learn more? Book a free demo today.