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Uberflip's New Blog Authoring Tool Gives You Even More Control Of Your Content

We're always looking to help you reach new levels of content marketing awesomeness, and one of our latest features will help you do just that! Instead of relying only on your blog’s RSS feed to push new articles, you can now author your posts directly from the Uberflip application. This gives you even more freedom and better control over your content (not to mention cutting down on RSS wait times). 

Here's how to use the in-app blog authoring tool

Open your blog collection under Hubs --> Manage Hubs. On the left side of this screen you’ll see the “Add New Article” option.

Click on the “Add New Article” button and a new editing window will open up - very similar to other WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) content editors. Here you’ll be able to add your post (text and graphics) and see it almost exactly as the finished version, including styling, multimedia elements, and overall layout.

Through the blog editor, you'll also be able to edit the meta description. Even though it isn’t strictly necessary, experts recommend filling out these fields so that search engines are not only able to crawl your content more easily, but also better describe your content within search results.

Tip: From here, you can also change the image that is displayed  in your Hub homepage or blog collection from the main image in the blog piece, or add a thumbnail that you may not want included in the piece itself. This likely isn't something you'll do regularly but gives you more control if you're so inclined. For example, we use it to add a .png image as a thumbnail when including .gif images in our blog pieces, to optimize the image for where it's displayed.

Finally, it's time to add an author to your post. You can select from your list of authors or add a brand new one. This will add an author name to the top of your post as well as a short bio at the bottom. When an author's name is clicked, all of the author's posts will be loaded up - pretty slick, huh? Here's what it looks like when creating a new author:

Once all this is done, hit "Save" to well, save your post! At first, you'll see that your post is grayed out - the tool defaults each piece as a hidden article. This is like keeping it in draft mode until it's ready for the world to see. To publish the piece, click on the eyeball to "Show" the article.

And you're all set! You've now published your first of many blog pieces without ever having to leave your Uberflip Hub. :)

We know that creating a beautiful and 100% responsive experience with your content isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve made it even simpler for you to manage your content.