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How to Use Uberflip to Scale Your ABM Efforts

So you’ve decided you’re going to implement an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy. You’ve selected your target accounts and prioritized them into tiers. Your next task is to distribute content to reach these accounts. And you’ve got to do it at scale.

Before you know it, you’re tasked with personalizing 40 ebooks for your top-tier target accounts and your sales team is tapping your shoulder every two minutes, trying to understand which content should be sent where. Yikes. Relax. Take a deep breath. Uberflip has everything you need to personalize your content experiences for ABM, at scale.

Leveraging Uberflip Features for ABM

Before embarking on an ABM strategy, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of: a) your organization’s ABM goals, b) sales and marketing alignment, and c) which accounts take the highest priority. If you’re still in the very beginning stages of ABM, these resources can help:

Uberflip has a few features to help its customers build tailored content experiences that can effectively be used for ABM.

Marketing Streams

Marketing Streams enable Uberflip users to create a handpicked selection of content to present to a target account. Since personalization is a must for successful ABM, creating personalized streams can help you overcome half the battle of personalizing content for an account. Given the option of either personalizing six assets for Target Account 1, or personalizing one stream for that same account, which would you choose?

In the example below, Uberflip customer TouchBistro, an iPad-based point of sale solution designed for restaurants, has customized a Marketing Stream specifically for its prospects in the brewing industry. The title (“Your Complete Brewery Library”) and description (“We’ve put together some great articles that will help your brewery reach its potential!”) show personalization at scale. Here are the key components:

  1. The presentation is personalized through the Marketing Stream that directly states its target audience and...
  2. The content is curated from existing assets and content previously covering beer and brewing-related topics so...
  3. The target audience can engage with content that appears to have been created specifically for them.

Marketing Streams for ABM | Uberflip

With Uberflip, you can easily create streams of content for each account, without all the labor of asset-level personalization.

Sales Streams

Sales Streams were created with ABM and salespeople in mind. They’re a great solution for enabling salespeople to leverage content and personalized outreach while running in parallel with the marketing team’s inbound tactics and overall content strategy.

Like Marketing Streams, Sales Streams allow users to easily create a stream of content tailored to your target account, with stream-level personalization. In the example below we see that:

  1. The personalization can be tailored specifically for one-to-one contexts, in which the prospect or contact’s name (Tom), company (GENPACT)...
  2. And content relevant to its specific use-case (Pardot integration, productivity, and pipeline)...
  3. Are leveraged to enrich and fuel the sales conversation.

Sales Streams Personalization for ABM | Uberflip

With Sales Streams, you can leverage a similar set of assets for multiple target accounts. You can easily duplicate a Sales Stream, edit the title and description, and you’re off to the races! Now that’s ABM at scale.

Stream Templates

Stream Templates give you the power to personalize the design of your Marketing and Sales Streams in minutes. With easy-to-use design tools, you can upload a custom banner image, provide personalized messaging, and branded colors—without the help of IT.

In the example below, you can see how Terminus personalizes their sales outreach with a custom landing page for each account. With the use of Stream Templates, their team is able to:

1. Deliver customized content experiences, branded for each target account

2. Incorporate a banner image, custom logos, and colors to create a landing page experience

With Stream Templates, you can relieve your development team from having to code individual landing pages and empower your marketing, sales, and customer success teams to deliver one-to-one content experiences.


Now that you know how to use Marketing and Sales Streams to make personalization for ABM easier, how about helping other members of your team select the right assets and create these streams themselves? We’ve got a solution for that, too: tags!

Uberflip Tags allow users to label or “tag” content at the “Item” level with specific descriptions (like target account name), or more general designations (like “Enterprise Customer” or “Tier 2 Account”). You can then apply Smart Filters to automatically populate specified Marketing Streams with tagged content, or simply make it easier for other team members to identify content destined for a specific account.

In the example below, we see a list of content tagged according to target accounts and their stage within the buying process.

Tag Management for ABM | Uberflip
Upon clicking a particular tag, you can see all of the content items that have been tagged accordingly for target accounts at the top of the funnel.
Content Tagged for ABM | Uberflip

Distributing Content for ABM

Once you create engaging content experiences for your target accounts, the next step is to drive traffic to them. You do this by utilizing your existing marketing channels to effectively distribute the experiences to stakeholders at the targeted companies. Marketing and Sales Streams each live at their own unique URL, which means you can easily market them to your prospects through your existing channels, including:

  • Email

  • Social

  • Paid advertising

  • Direct mail

In particular, if you’re distributing via email, Uberflip has two solutions that can help to scale your ABM distribution efforts.

Marketing Automation and Embedding Tiles

When using a marketing automation tool to send one-to-many emails (e.g., for your Tier 3 accounts, who are likely receiving a lower level of personalization), you can easily embed tiles from your Target or Marketing Streams using the tile embed functionality.

Tile Embedding for ABM E-mails | Uberflip

Uberflip Extensions

If you are distributing one-to-one emails, use our Uberflip Chrome Extension to easily embed tiles from your Marketing or Sales Streams into Gmail emails, or get Uberflip Outlook Extension and embed them into your Outlook emails.

Content for Personal Emails ABM | Uberflip

Sharpen and Scale your ABM Efforts

Engagio often uses the analogy that ABM is like “fishing with spears.” You know exactly who you want to reach. Your next question is a matter of what you’ll say to them, which is where content enters the scene.

Scaling ABM isn’t easy, but features like Marketing and Sales Streams, Tags, Embedded Tiles, and Uberflip Extensions can help you better leverage content to reach your target accounts, and, more importantly, immerse those accounts in a well-optimized content experience.

Ready to start personalizing your content experiences at scale with Uberflip? You can request a demo here.