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Facebook’s New Algorithm Throws Shade At Memes – And Other Updates

Another day, another Facebook change. They certainly keep us on our toes, don’t they?

In this edition of “What Facebook Changed Just As We Started To Figure Them Out”, they’ve altered their News Feed algorithm to promote more “high quality” content. High quality content being, in this case, “more relevant articles” about current events, and peoples’ “favourite sports teams or shared interests” over “a meme photo hosted somewhere other than Facebook” (phew, almost wore out my air-quote fingers).

Basically – news and articles will be bumped up in your News Feed while our beloved image and meme content will be booted to the bottom, where Facebook has deemed it belongs.

But wait…there’s more!

This update is actually the oyster fork of updates…in that it is three-pronged (GONG). Not only will article-based content be highlighted more in your News Feed, Facebook will also suggest related content along with it AND bump it back to the top with each new comment.

Now, each article will have up to 3 related pieces directly below it to keep you down whatever rabbit hole you hopped into. If Facebook manages to show me articles I’m actually interested in, then this will be a really cool feature. Methinks, though, I’ll get a lot of paid posts disguising themselves as “news” – but I’ll give it a chance before whipping out the harsh judgment.

In addition to this, new comments will re-bump stories back to the top of your feed in an effort to keep conversations rolling. So you could see the same story resurface several times as it attracts new comments. Again, if I’m being shown content I’m truly interested in, this will be a good thing as I’d likely want to see what my friends are saying about it and jump in myself. On the other hand, it could mean Johnny LOL pushes every story to the top of your feed over and over. As with anything, you take the good with the bad.

Lucky for marketers, this update shouldn’t affect our content strategy too much (unless your strategy is Lolcats-based, in which case you might want to rethink that, for several reasons). Any content marketer worth their salt knows that creating and sharing quality content is what works, so you’re likely already in a good spot. By listening to your audience and creating your own content based on what’s relevant to them, you’ll develop a solid community and be pretty much immune to any Facebook switcheroos. Do your worst, Zuck!

 What do you think about Facebook’s update, as a marketer or as a Facebook user? Sound off in the comments.

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