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What’s Your Content Marketing Score? Now LinkedIn Will Tell You

LinkedIn is all aboard the content marketing train, further proving that content marketing is the new, well, marketing.

Having recently opened its publishing platform to all users, they’re now introducing an analytics tool that will give your company its content marketing “score” as well as a list of topics that are trending with your audience. Hot damn, LinkedIn – you’re on fire.


“We know that for brands, building relationships through a content strategy is a marathon, not a sprint; it’s a fact of content marketing,” the LinkedIn announcement says. “You need a long-term view that requires you to be truly helpful to your customers in order to be relevant to them.”

How The Content Marketing Score Works

LinkedIn takes unique member engagement (calculated by social actions) and divides it by your total target audience. This includes engagement levels for all of your sponsored updates, company pages, groups, and even employee updates and influencer posts if you have them. The result is a single score ranked against other players in your industry, to give you a clear picture of whether or not your content marketing efforts on LinkedIn are paying off.


You can filter your score by region, seniority, company size, job function and industry to see how well you’re engaging with different sectors of your audience. Your score is calculated on a monthly basis, and even comes with suggestions on how to improve to get better reach and engagement.

Trending Content By Audience

I can only assume when the LinkedIn folks were discussing the content scoring tool, they figured they’d also create a way to help companies improve their score on the regular. Enter the Trending Content tool, which gives a snapshot of the most popular content on LinkedIn, segmented by audience.

Divided into sections for Auto, CXO, Financial Services, Health and Pharmaceuticals, High-Tech, IT Decision Makers, Marketing, Small Business Owners, Students and Venture Capital, it gives you a look at the most popular articles that month, the top 3 topics and a squiggly graphic that shows audience shares by topic. If updated regularly, this tool could be hugely helpful in seeing what’s resonating with your LinkedIn audience so you can create and share similar content.

Since both of these tools are brand new, it’s tough to say how valuable they are in practice – but we’ll definitely be giving them a try as they show a lot of potential in helping engage our LinkedIn audience.

In  the meantime, here’s a cute video from LinkedIn announcing the content scoring and trending tools as a “Dynamic Duo” (a term we’re particularly fond of here at Uberflip). Give it a look and then let us know – do you think these tools will be truly helpful, or are they just another thing to look at?

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