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Have Pins, Will Travel: Pinterest Rolls Out Place Pins

pinterest pins
The image of a big ol’ map covered in pins marking go-to (or have-gone-to) destinations is one we’re all familiar with. For Pinterest, it was the inspiration for their latest feature: Place Pins.

Place Pins are an extension of what millions of people are already using Pinterest for – planning and documenting upcoming, past and as-soon-as-I-win-the-lottery trips. There are approximately 750 million destination pins living in Pinterest right now. Place Pins takes those otherwise ordinary boards and turns them into shareable, interactive maps.

Want to try it out for yourself? Just select “Add a map” when you’re creating a board and your pins will appear on the map layout. Start adding pins by typing the place you want to appear on the map, fill in what you want to say about it and upload a photo (or select one that comes up). The map (board) itself is shareable via Facebook, Google+, Gmail and Yahoo!, and each pin is synced with that location’s Foursquare info.

Pinterest got some big names in travel to try out Place Pins and I don’t know about you, but my wanderlust has been kicked into high gear already.

Conde Nast Traveler – Top 100 Hotels in the World

For those with a fancy-pants trip in the works, or if you just want to escape into a world where you get to eat dinner INSIDE an aquarium, this maps out the best hotels across the globe (nothing below a 95 rating here, folks). I believe the 8 million people announcing their engagements in my Facebook newsfeed would appreciate this – honeymoon destinations galore!

Fest300 – The World’s Best Festivals

Alternate board title: “The Party Animal’s Guide To Earth”. It lays out the must-see festivals the world has to offer, from Peru to Japan. This would be a great one to share, say, with your friends if you’re planning a Euro-trip together (look at all those fests!). Bonus: Special cameo appearance by Rihanna.

Jeremy & Angie of Living the Dream – Angie Eats New York City!

Jeremy and Angie, world travellers and bloggers, are using Place Pins to show their followers where to get the best grub in the cities they’re visiting (they also have one for Paris). This is a great way of adding another element to your content – a food review now comes with directions and a Foursquare integration. Bookmark this for the next time you’re in NYC (and bring along some elastic-waistband pants).

What do you think of Place Pins? Are they long overdue or something you won’t really use?

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