Extra, Extra: Facebook Releases Their “Paper” App And Surprise, It Rocks

February 3, 2014 Hayley Mullen

Facebook Paper

We’ve gotten accustomed to Facebook making little changes here and there (and by accustomed I mean a few days of outrage in your News Feed followed by acceptance followed by full-blown adoption). To the point where I, for one, thought they were just messing around because they didn’t have any new ideas. Then they go and release Paper, a beautiful and seamless news reader app that people are losing their sh*t over. Foot, meet mouth.

Currently available in the U.S. and for iOS only, Paper turns your News Feed into a digital newspaper of sorts. It allows you to browse stories in a cleaner interface that’s integrated with Facebook’s engagement features so you can still like and share as if you were in your own account. In terms of functionality, it’s not so different from the Facebook app itself – it’s just a lot better looking, more intuitive and, well, cooler. It’s the first product to come out of Facebook’s Creative Labs, a standalone app initiative, aaaand hopefully not the last.

The layout changes are obvious – but they’ve also changed how you interact with your News Feed. You can customize the app by categorizing your content into sections based on themes and interests, from Food to Cute to Design, alongside your regular News Feed. It’s also more focused on visual content, including high-resolution panoramic photos (which can be viewed in full by tilting the phone), more in-depth video capabilities and "beautifully designed article covers” that unfold in the app and appear fullscreen. It’s a clear signal that Facebook is moving beyond just connecting people as “friends”, and deliberately focusing on the content sharing and storytelling aspect of the platform.

Unfortunately, as a Canuck, I can’t yet describe the app to you from personal experience – but as soon as iTunes Canada lets me at it, I’m downloading it faster that you can say “Put your toque on! It’s negative a million outside.” If you’re in the U.S., however, you can download it here.

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