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6 Ways To Grow Your Brand's LinkedIn Following

LinkedIn Marketing

Increased brand awareness, visibility, and engagement are among the top benefits of running a successful LinkedIn page for your brand. However, the professional social media site has recently made some important changes that affect brands, including the removal of Products & Services pages. Before you can reap the rewards of having a large following on LinkedIn, you may need to reevaluate your brand’s LinkedIn strategy to ensure it makes sense with the new Showcase Pages and publishing platform. Set your brand up for social media success by adhering to these 6 tips for increasing your number of LinkedIn followers.

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Showcase Page

Associated with your Company Page, Showcase Pages are a new addition to LinkedIn that offer companies a further opportunity to promote or highlight certain products, services, or other specialized content. You can boost your LinkedIn presence and engage with new followers by creating a page for any aspect of your brand that has a focused message or appeals to a particular segment of your target audience. Take advantage of Showcase Pages as a means to facilitate ongoing relationships with followers who are interested in specific products or services offered by your brand.

2. Use Multimedia to Tell Your Story

You know that quality always trumps quantity when it comes to content. However, diversity is another important factor to consider when publishing on LinkedIn. Posting multimedia, such as video and images, helps ensure your content is visually pleasing and intriguing enough to warrant a click. In addition to pictures and videos, infographics are a great option for spreading information in an easily consumable manner. Incorporate images and visuals into your LinkedIn posts to help your brand stand out from the stream of text-based updates and compel more users to share your content.

3. Maintain an Interactive & Engaging Presence

As with any social media platform, it’s imperative that your brand maintains an active LinkedIn presence and interacts with other users on the site. After all, activity equals visibility and your competitors are fighting for attention. In addition to posting content on a regular basis, you should ask questions and encourage your followers to respond to your updates and inquiries. Take your engagement strategy one step further by thoughtfully responding to specific user comments. Establishing your company as an industry leader will strengthen your brand and create interest, but interacting with users is more likely to foster relationships and garner more followers.

4. Sponsor Select Content for Increased Visibility

Another option for ensuring your highest quality content reaches as wide of an audience as possible is sponsored updates. Many well-known brands take advantage of sponsored updates to increase the visibility of their most important or most compelling LinkedIn updates. Sponsored updates are a great way to market beyond your limited scope of connections to potentially gain new followers and generate new leads. Sponsored LinkedIn updates can be targeted at a specific audience of users based on who you want your content to address.

5. Leverage LinkedIn’s New Publishing Platform

LinkedIn recently introduced its new publishing platform that allows both companies and their employees to publish updates and articles associated with a brand. To get the most from this new publishing platform, establish a common strategy for your organization to follow when posting on LinkedIn. A collaborative effort of any scale requires coordination to be meaningful, so create this strategy sooner than later. Companies should also help employees develop their personal brands so that their online activity will reflect positively on the company as a whole, as well as further humanize the brand.

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6. Include a Call to Action on Your Company Site

It’s possible that many of your customers don’t even realize your brand maintains an active LinkedIn page, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t follow you if given an opportune moment to do so.  Make it as easy as possible for consumers and fans to connect with you on LinkedIn by simply adding a Follow Us button to external web pages, such as your corporate site or company blog. Removing any extra steps or clicks that may otherwise prevent a consumer from connecting with you on LinkedIn can help grow your LinkedIn following.

The Value of LinkedIn Followers

Maintaining an active LinkedIn page can boost your brand’s community involvement, increase online visibility, and help generate new leads from a larger pool of potential consumers. Working to improve your Company Page and gain followers widens the reach of your brand’s influence and helps amplify the results of your content marketing efforts.

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