3 Ways Businesses Can Make Their Google+ Page Rock

August 30, 2013 Jason Corrigan

By now, your business has most likely gone through the run-around of what social network profiles you “need” to actively develop in order to rank significantly on search engine lists.

While you should consider investing company resources in as many relevant social spaces as possible in order to maximize your traffic and word-of-mouth conversion opportunities, there is one social platform that deserves your immediate attention: Google+.

While other social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook contain a plethora of positive merits for search visibility; nothing allows you to connect, communicate and grow easier and faster than Google+.

What is Google+?

Since its debut in 2011, Google+ has significantly grown in popularity and use. As of May 2013, there are over 500 million registered consumers who participate within Google+ on a daily basis.

Google+ allows consumers to connect with other like-minded individuals all over the world in order to exchange and share content, thoughts and dialogue in more direct, personal ways than you can with Facebook or Twitter.

Similar to other social networks, Google+ allows consumers to share personal and professional information, as well as display pictures and videos. However, with Google+, consumers can also create, host and/or join “Hangout” sessions that act as a visual conference between multiple parties. Here, consumers are able to offer and receive immediate gratification for information, content and solutions.

In addition, Google+ is also unique in that the platform allows for immediate indexation of content. You can submit all of your content to your Google+ page and watch it immediately appear in search listings; an incredible opportunity for connecting with ready-to-buy consumers sooner than later.

Of course, in order to maximize your conversion and visibility opportunities with Google+ you need to first create a Google+ business page…Once that is completed, make sure you develop your profile in a way that allows you to easily connect with your target audience.

Top 4 Tips For Maximizing Your Search Opportunities With Google+

1. Develop and Use Your Google+ Business Page On A Daily Basis

Once you have successfully created your business page, you are going to need and want to update it with as much information about your company and its offerings as possible.

Creating a robust profile that lists all of your contact information, history, and displays photos of your happy clients and employees will go a long way in satisfying both search crawlers and online users’ demand for trustworthy, credible spaces to engage.

Uploading content on a daily basis allows your online presence to grow effectively and efficiently due to Google+’s ability to immediately index content. So the more you upload into your business profile, the faster your online presence will grow while connecting with more online searchers.

2. Refine Your Connections Through Circles

Any marketer will tell you to segment your content and offerings in ways that allow your company to connect with groups of like-minded individuals in order to maximize conversion rates. Well, you can do this easier and faster than ever with Google+.

Google+ allows you to organize and group individuals in “circles” and gives you complete control over what they see, learn and receive from your brand. So if you have particular offerings or products that relate and align better with one specific demographic opposed to the general masses, you can organize these groups however you want so that each target demographic gets exactly what they want. By doing this, you are able to increase your company’s ability to successfully convert new online consumers into customers.

3. “Hangout” With Your Customers

Creating and setting up video meetings and chat sessions allows your company to provide in-depth, immediate gratification for consumers who are looking to resolve a particular issue or receive direction.

Rather than leave your customers waiting on hold over the phone to get answers or assistance for a problem, you can now simply set up a meeting with one or more individuals and speak directly to them; helping them through whatever dilemma or problem they are experiencing.

Other great features of Google+ Hangouts include the ability to:

  • Host training sessions and visual demonstrations.
  • Enhance consumer participation and increase word-of-mouth advertising by combining Hangout Sessions with Twitter Chat.
  • Host Q&A sessions with individuals or groups of customers.
  • Broadcast company events, tease product launches and announce other significant developments that generate instant buzz.

Now What?

In order to maximize your recognition, conversion and sales opportunities, you need to develop and maintain a Google+ business page and you need to do it NOW!

By taking advantage of these tips, you are able to position your company and your brand to experience a whole new world of opportunity within the digital world.

About the Author

Jason Corrigan is an SEO Manager at Wpromote in El Segundo, CA who oversees the planning and execution of custom SEO and social strategies for medium sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies. He is a published author on Social SEO and has extensive marketing experience that ranges from journalism and content development to TV and Radio marketing/advertising.

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