3 Great SlideShare Presentations To Inspire Your Own

April 30, 2014 Emily Bauer

slideshare presentations

One of the most versatile and accessible platforms for sharing visual presentations, SlideShare has earned its position in the hearts of content marketers, industry leaders, and influencers alike. The popular platform, which allows users create and share unique slide-based presentations, is extremely easy to get started with. However, creating an eye-catching presentation that can hold your audience’s attention long enough to promote your brand and convey your message is a much more daunting challenge. 

Viewing presentations posted by established brands and influencers is an effective way to improve your progress while you’re learning how to master SlideShare. So, if you’re looking for inspiration or motivation for making your next SlideShare presentation the best it can possibly be, check out some of these 3 creative examples of great SlideShare presentations produced by brands and industry influencers.

How To Tell Your Story In 2014 (The Right Way) from Gary Vaynerchuk

One of the best storytellers of the digital era, Gary Vaynerchuk, shares a few of his trade secrets in this inspirational and compelling presentation. Through a mixture of quality content, good humor, and self-promotion, Vaynerchuk’s presentation appeals to anyone hoping to improve their marketing skills or keep their techniques up-to-date. The simple yet descriptive title establishes the presentation as extremely timely; additionally, the parenthetical ‘The Right Way’ suggests that there is, in fact, a wrong way to tell your story or promote your brand, and you might just be guilty of it.

Check out our SlideShare on How To Write Headlines That Are Better Than Bacon-Covered Bacon for more headline tips.

It is also worth noting that, although this presentation is over 60 slides long, viewers are not overwhelmed with information or instruction, as none of the slides contain an excessive amount of text. The variance in the style and color of the slides also serves to keep the audience interested, which is especially important in longer SlideShare presentations. Vaynerchuk’s presentation embodies everything he preaches in this example of expert storytelling and SlideShare mastery.

Introducing The Goodreads Author Program from Goodreads

A quality SlideShare presentation doesn’t have to be lengthy, complicated, or flashy. The most popular SlideShare presentation produced by Goodreads is a great example of content marketing done through slides. Simple yet informative, the material is easy to digest and directly applicable to the brand’s audience, while the visual theme aligns perfectly with the brand’s website and mobile app; cross-platform visual coordination can bolster a brand’s reputation for consistency and reliability. The content is clear and concise, carefully outlining the various features offered by the titular new program.

Goodread’s ‘Author Program’ presentation is a classically direct example of content marketing on SlideShare, as its purpose is primarily teaching its audience about a new program associated with its platform—not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, a straightforward SlideShare presentation is sometimes the perfect vehicle for providing your audience with new information and spreading your brand’s presence across as many relevant platforms as possible. 

Social Media Winter Is Coming from HootSuite

Who doesn’t love a good Game of Thrones reference? That is, as long as it doesn’t contain spoilers! One of HootSuite’s latest SlideShare presentations not only capitalizes on society’s love of pop culture, but also smoothly transitions from an entertaining presentation into a valuable call to action. Providing a review of the ‘blockades’ established between major social media platforms in recent years, this short and snappy presentation is both informative and efficient. 

By asking viewers if they are prepared for ‘social media winter’, HootSuite effectively adopts the language and visual style of the popular Game of Throne series, appealing to a wide audience while also posing an important question that is central to their services. The slideshow ends with the reassurance that although a social media winter is indeed coming, respite can be attained by joining ‘The Order of The Owls’—a blatant call for readers to sign up for HootSuite’s services. Best of all, the call to action doesn’t feel forced as it does not overstep the boundaries established by the presentation’s Game of Thrones theme.

Creating Memorable Presentations With SlideShare 

Although the above presentations are each successful for their own reasons, there are several common elements that should be remembered by aspiring SlideShare masters:

  • Balancing text-based and visual content makes information more digestible.
  • Featuring relevant content helps you attain views and boosts your reputation as an industry authority.
  • Incorporating entertainment value expands your potential audience by allowing your post to be tagged as Entertainment & Humor.
  • Including a call-to-action will significantly increase the value of your content marketing.
  • Reviewing insightful, clever, and timely SlideShare presentations can a great source of inspiration.

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