The Lost World of SEO

June 11, 2015 Braveen Kumar
Once upon a time, SEO was easy for marketers to game. “Black Hat” tactics made it possible to surface less-than-useful content and web pages to the top of the search engine results page for specific search queries. Over the years, Google cracked down on these tactics to ensure a higher quality experience for searchers. In fact, looking at Semantic Search and Google Now, it’s clear that the search engine giant is focused on making it easier for people to find what they’re looking for: quality content and engaging online experiences. Here’s a blast from the past for marketers, a presentation styled after prehistoric times, back to the days when now-extinct SEO practices ruled the online world, before it became about survival of the fittest and only the best marketing experiences could thrive.

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Braveen Kumar

Braveen is a Content Marketer at Shopify.

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