Strategies, Tools and Tactics for Content Marketing in 2015

December 17, 2014 Hana Abaza
Marketers with a documented strategy win. 60% of those with a documented strategy are successful, compared to only 32% of those with a verbal one. That’s just one of the reasons why it’s important to have a concrete strategy in place as you set your content marketing goals for the New Year. But where should you start? Which tools should you use? And, most importantly, how are you going to measure success? Our latest webinar tackles the three biggest challenges marketers will face in 2015: • Creating Engaging Content → How to Craft Your Story • Producing Content Consistently → How to Define Your Process • Measuring Content Effectiveness → How to Understand Your Metrics Have a question about our presentation? Tweet us @Uberflip!

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Hana Abaza

Hana is the Head of Marketing at Shopify Plus.

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