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SEO Google Docs You Can (and Should) Download for Free

Company owners are constantly looking for new ways to learn more about SEO, and this search typically leads to reading new blogs, going to conferences, downloading eBooks, and connecting with influencers. The more ways you can educate yourself on SEO, the better, so all of these platforms create a great mix. One option that isn’t typically as popular or as discussed is Google Docs.

Reading and downloading Google Docs is a somewhat new concept, so the reason that people don’t talk about this option as much is literally because they don’t know about it! The truth is, Google Docs are one of the coolest and easiest ways to find information on any given topic. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

What are SEO Google Docs and Why Do They Work So Well?

Google Documents are connected with Google’s search engine and allow those signed into Gmail to easily open, edit, and/or share the Docs. All updates are made in real-time, which makes it easy to join a Google Doc and stay updated. Below is a screenshot of a Google Doc list and where you can find them. As you can see, I have several Google Docs already and have the ability to create a new one:

If you click on “Create,” you will be able to choose from a dropdown menu which type of document you’d like to create as well as who you would like to share the document with and who is allowed to edit the document.

Many SEO experts have created Google Docs that are open to the public, meaning you can download the Doc and then have it in your drive for whenever you’d like to read or even comment if the Doc allows it.

Top SEO Google Docs to Download

Below are some of the most popular Google Docs from SEO experts that you can download. All of the Google Docs are free and can be saved right to your own drive:

  • SEER Interactive SEO Toolbox: This document asks readers to make a copy of the document and then actually type in your business information so that you can pull analytics for your site from different places such as Google Analytics, Moz, Twitter, etc. In other words, this Google Doc works as a tool you can actually engage with, which is quite unique.
  • The Ultimate Link Building Query Generator: This Doc helps you find opportunities such as places to guest post, quality domains, etc. to improve your link building efforts. Gaz Copeland of StokedSEO created the Doc in order to help make link building easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • RSS Feed Social Share Counting Google Spreadsheet: This is a very cool document because it is so easy. You type in an RSS feed and then numbers from Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and many others will be generated for you to analyze. It helps you see how popular your blog posts are without having to visit a bunch of different tools for each social network.

Simply download the Google Doc by clicking on the links for each name above. Have you ever read a great SEO Google Doc that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments, and tell us why the Google Doc is so great!

About the Author

Amanda DiSilvestro gives small businesses and entrepreneurs SEO advice raging from keyword research to local SEO strategy. She is the online content editor and lead writer for Higher Visibility, a nationally recognized SEO company that offers a wide range of SEO services to companies across the country.