This Week In Content Marketing: Steal These Ideas, The Visual Sales Process And More

January 3, 2014 Uberflip

This week’s #ContentRoundup is all about the data behind a successful sales process, mastering Google+ hangouts, content marketing ideas you can (and should) steal, and more. Enjoy!

Infographic: The Data Behind What Makes an Effective Sales Process

Regardless of whether you’re “officially” in sales, knowing what makes an effective sales process is something everyone working with a product, brand or service should know. Bonus: It’s in fun visual form!

6 New Rules for Becoming a Google+ Hangouts Hotshot in 2014

If you haven’t incorporated Google+ into your social media strategy, you should definitely think about it. Here are some tips from Copyblogger on how to use one of its coolest  features, Hangouts. (Pssst – check out our page while you’re at it.)

How To Blog Successfully About Anything

We found this great little nugget in Moz’s “best of 2013” post”, another one worth a read. This one’s all about taking your blog from ZZZZZZZ to “CHECK OUT THIS COOL POST!” because a sleeping person can’t share your content, after all.

9 Best Social Media and Content Marketing Tips From Buffer

Buffer, a social network management application, takes us inside their own data to reveal what’s worked best for them so far – with some interesting results you can start applying to your own social media strategy immediately.

5 Genius Content Marketing Ideas You Can Steal – Today

There’s no shame in taking a great content marketing idea and making it your own (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?). Here are 5 awesome ones courtesy of Shopify.

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