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7+ Essential Tools To Help You Succeed in Sales Today

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Sales has never been a walk in the park. But these days, blindly dialing for dollars is a waste of time and money.

We’ve entered a new era of selling.

The early bird doesn’t get the worm anymore—it's the prepared bird that gets to eat first.

As a Sales professional in today’s market, to ensure you’re hitting that ever-growing quota, you’ve  got to enlist the power of technology to stay one step ahead.

Like many folks in Sales today, I rely on a variety of tools to help with prospecting and gathering insights on leads and opportunities.

Here are some of the sales tools I couldn't live without—along with a few recommendations from my peers—that every modern salesperson should know about.


Sidekick is an awesome free email tool by HubSpot that's compatible with Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. Sidekick allows you to see who's opened your emails and what links they clicked in the body of your message. With real-time notifications, you'll know exactly when a prospect interacts with your email and what they did. 

We’ve integrated Sidekick with our HubSpot account, which gives me deeper insight about the prospects I'm talking to—what emails they’re opening, what links they’re clicking, and what content they’re consuming.

It removes some of the guesswork from my interactions with prospects and gives me the insight I need to go into my sales calls more prepared.


Datanyze has been an invaluable tool for me to quickly improve my warm and cold outreach. Datanyze is a Sales Intelligence platform that crawls millions of websites and shows you the web technologies your prospects are using. It's a great tool especially for SaaS sales where it's important to understand how your solution can integrate with a company's existing technology ecosystem.   

In Datanyze’s words, “Just as Google searches for content, keywords and links, Datanyze searches for web technology signatures. We then serve that data to our customers in a  number of useful ways.”

At the very least, you'll want to check out the free Chrome extension for Datanyze Insider—a prospecting tool I couldn't live without.   


Uberflip (Marketing Streams & Flipbooks)

Though our Marketing team uses the Uberflip platform to aggregate, manage, and publish all of our content, our Sales team also uses it for sales enablement through the Marketing Streams and Flipbooks features.

Instead of sending 4 links out to different blog posts, infographics or webinar recordings in a follow-up email, I can pick and choose which pieces of content I want to send my prospect based on what I know they’re interested in. I  can also personalize the description copy and “mailto:” call-to-action to address them specifically, and even monitor what my prospect is engaging with.

Next time I pick up the phone to call them, I’ll be armed with even more information to help nurture the opportunity—or close the deal! 

Here's an example I whipped up of a Marketing Stream personalized for John at a fictitious company called Targetly that uses Marketo for marketing automation.


When it comes to the inevitable sales presentation, instead of using boring, static PowerPoint slides, I use Uberflip's Flipbooks  to fire through my sales slides. Not only can I access these presentations via an easy-to-share URL, which lets me update the Flipbook if pages need to be replaced, but the page-turn animation and ability to add other media makes for a more engaging presentation. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a standalone social selling tool aimed at helping salespeople sell more effectively with LinkedIn. 

The platform provides a suite of different tools for reps including powerful lead recommendation capabilities based on the ideal prospect information you provide, premium search filters to find the person you’re looking for, search alerts, and a tool called TeamLink that allows you to leverage the existing networks of your fellow Sales reps.

Sales Navigator also integrates with Salesforce and other CRM platforms like CRM Dynamics.


Rapportive is a free Gmail add-on that will provide you with additional contact information right in your email window. You can automatically see a prospect's information, such as their email, picture, and social media profiles right from within Gmail. 

You can even click through to the contact’s social profiles straight from the Rapportive widget. I’ve found that this helps me put a face and context to a name and provides a quick window to their social profiles to learn more about my prospects.


Infer links with your existing leads in Salesforce and then adds tons of insights, triggers, and signals mined from the internet. 

You can create a much deeper profile on each lead based on readily available data on the web. Infer will then apply their smart scoring system onto each lead so you can better predict leads that are more likely to convert. 

This score can easily integrate back into your CRM or marketing automation so that you can work this intelligence in with the tools your Sales team already uses.


Brainshark is a sales enablement tool aimed at using video to accelerate the sales process, ramp up reps with more effective onboarding/training, and provide reps with the ability to create high quality video presentations on the fly. 

The platform also comes with analytics that provide deeper insights into the sales process so you can unearth new best practices.

In Brainshark’s words, “The Sales Accelerator is embedded in, so reps can access the content and training they require—in context with the sales cycle—without ever leaving the CRM.” aims to solve the problem of manual data entry into CRM systems used by most sales organizations. enables reps to make more calls and send more emails by allowing Sales teams to simultaneously reach out to prospects and update activity—all in one platform, all at once. 

The platform will make calls, send emails, and track all of that activity in one place. No more monotonous data entry.

Did I miss your favorite tool?

 Did I leave something out? Is there a sales tool you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments.

Learn how to close more effectively with content in our free eBook, Content Is for Closers: How to Leverge Content for Sales Enablement.

About the Author

Adam is the Sales Development Team Lead at Uberflip. Prior to joining Uberflip, Adam worked as a Marketing Manager at Toronto's Venture Accelerator Partners. He holds a HBBA Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University where he concentrated his studies in Entrepreneurship & Marketing. When Adam isn't working, you can likely find him around a baseball diamond, hockey rink, squash court or a pub with good beer and live music.

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