Content Roundup: Getting Started With Social Selling

January 23, 2015 Victoria Hoffman

Content Roundup

Social selling is all the rage right now - and rightfully so. "Old school" sales tactics like cold calling are becoming ineffective and, consequently, forming relationships with potential customers is becoming a far more effective way to close deals with today's buyer. Social selling helps to do exactly that.

This week's #ContentRoundup outlines why social selling works and how you can take this tactic to the next level.

Social Sells - The Mini Guide To Social Selling 

social sells

Still getting used to the basic concepts of social selling? This short but thorough guide from Salesforce will help you get the facts and learn best practices. 

Four Steps to Getting Started With Social Selling

social selling

If you feel that social selling is a bit out of your comfort zone, these tips from MarketingProfs are for you. Always remember to put the customer first!

The Science of Social Selling

science social selling

What do social selling and Disney World have in common?  Forbes investigates. 

Your Top Questions On "Social Selling" Answered By LinkedIn, Evernote, and HubSpot

social selling questions

"Our marketing team creates a lot of content every month, but the sales team never uses it. How can we solve this problem?" Sound familiar? HubSpot addresses common problems with adapting social selling (with a little help from LinkedIn and Evernote).

Why Social Selling is Like Dating: How to Find a Relationship That Works

social selling relationships

According to Act-On, "Finding the right person for any relationship is important, and that includes business contacts as well as romantic commitments." We couldn't have said it better.

Get the secrets of social selling from the ultimate social selling expert, Jill Rowley. Register for our upcoming #uberwebinar, "How Social Selling and Content Work Together."



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