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A New Model for Prospect Scoring: Separating Activity and Engagement

Do you know who your hottest leads are? Are you able to control the volume of leads passed to your sales team so that they only get their hands on the cream of the crop? Are you able to offer the right content to the right prospect at the right time?

Lead scoring gives you insight into activity, but how much can you really tell from a single number? If your content strategy is mature and prospects are highly engaged, you may find yourself wanting more data to act upon. Join Ben Harrison and Sam Brennand as they take a deep dive into lead scoring. You'll learn:

  • The incorrect assumptions baked into Pardot's standard scoring model
  • How to move from an activity-based scoring model to an engagement-based scoring model
  • The secret sauce that a best-in-class Uberflip implementation can bring to Pardot
  • How to determine where in the sales and marketing funnel your prospects are, based on content engagement
  • How to build tailored drip campaigns that adapt to your prospects' content engagement