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How to Capture and Hold Attention With Curiosity Gaps [Podcast]

How many times have you been told that your audience’s attention span is dwindling, and you should be placing your focus on creating content that’s more bite-sized and digestible?

This week’s guest on the Conex Show had something different to say: If you’re making great content and effectively piquing curiosity, you’ll be able to hold your audience’s attention as long as you need to.

Andrew Davis, keynote speaker and best-selling author, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss inspiring audiences with curiosity gaps.

In This Episode: 

Capturing and Holding People’s Attention

Davis discusses how one of the big problems in content marketing today is that there's a lot of advice out there on how to grab people's attention, but not a lot of advice on how to hold onto it.

“Instead of trying to make it shorter and more bite-sized, you can actually create content that inspires people to act and builds enough tension and emotional drive that they’ve got to know the answer, and they want to find their own solution.” — @DrewDavisHere

Why Curiosity Gaps Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More

Davis, who comes from a television background, shares how he was taught to essentially create a curiosity gap between each segment. When a commercial break would come on, he’d have to have something to pull the audience back.

“A curiosity gap is a void between what you know and what you want to know.” — @DrewDavisHere

Creating an “Implied Call-to-Action”

Rather than inserting calls-to-action into your content, Davis suggests that your content should be so intriguing, people take it upon themselves to research further and learn more.

“The best content experiences in the world need no call-to-action. The content is so good, it invites the user into an 'implied call-to-action.'” — @DrewDavisHere

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