Introducing Stream Authentication - The Easiest Way to Create Private Content Experiences

January 7, 2019 Jason Oakley

Uberflip is excited to introduce Stream Authentication, a new feature that turns any Uberflip Marketing or Sales Stream into a private content experience, empowering marketers to engage buyers with exclusive content and sensitive sales collateral.

Today's buyers are digital first, meaning they begin their research online, long before speaking to a member of your sales team. In this modern buyer journey, your content is what shapes the conversation and influences buying decisions. 

As we move further down the journey, we uncover new challenges with the way we deliver content. One of those is how we protect sensitive or exclusive material.

For example, things like pricing sheets and sales presentations are meant to be private, while product roadmaps and beta feature documentation are exclusive and only shown to specific audiences. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of Stream Authentication, the easiest way for marketers to turn any content collection into a private viewing experience. 

With Stream Authentication you can:

Share exclusive access to content before it’s publicly available
In many cases, customers and prospects need to access product documentation or collateral before it’s released to the masses. Stream Authentication gives the power to password-protect these assets until you’re ready to share them with the world, giving your team the flexibility to publish content in phases. 

Protect your sensitive sales collateral
Assets like presentations, pricing, and proposals are typically meant to be private and, in many cases, created specifically for each individual account. With Stream Authentication, you can deliver all of your sensitive assets through Uberflip and rest easy knowing that only the intended buyers will have access to them. 

Create private content experiences for special groups and audiences
Password-protected Streams are great for private audiences like beta groups, customer advisory boards, or even industry groups. 

Share content internally
Looking to share internal collateral with employees or partners? Assets like training materials, presentations, and competitor battle cards can be easily packaged and protected for internal use only. 

“With stream authentication, we now have better control over our content. It gives us the opportunity to extend our already-thriving content experiences to partners, internal teams, and bottom of the funnel prospects who may require more-technical documentation.”

- Hillary Lupo, Global Marketing Campaigns and Technologies at Fortinet

Here’s how it works:

Turn any Marketing or Sales Stream into a private content experience 
From the new “Authentication” tab in your Stream settings, you can enable password protection on any individual Marketing Stream or Sales Stream in your Hub.

Enable password protection from the Authentication tab

When enabled, visitors to that Stream will be asked to input a passphrase before they can enter your Stream and view your content. 

Require a password before your Stream can be accessed

Control access with customizable passphrases

Create a single passphrase for a group, or custom passphrases for individual people. 

Control access with customizable passphrases

Easily audit and manage 

Easily audit and manage your authenticated Streams from your Hub’s content page. At a glance, you can quickly filter to see which Streams have authentication enabled or disabled.

Easily audit and manage authenticated Streams


"Our sales and marketing team is really excited about Stream Authentication. It's easy to enable and gives us the flexibility to password-protect Streams when we need a more secure way to share content. It extends our best-in-class content experience and adds a layer of additional security that's crucial to our team. Ongoing innovation and addition of features like this keep Uberflip in sync with our growing needs!"

Jodi Lebow, Senior Director of Demand Generation at CollabNet VersionOne


If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance with Stream Authentication, please contact our support team at

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Jason Oakley

Jason is the Director, Product Marketing at Uberflip. He loves talking about our product, our customers, and how the two come together to create amazing content experiences.

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